Main Task

This is the link to our final product which is the opening sequence to a children’s programme.


Preparation for filming.

When preparing for filming of the main product we wanted student to be aware that there was filming in progress in case they were not informed during registration where we asked all teachers to read out the note that we had put in their registers. We put the poster which says ‘Attention’ on all of the doors that lead to the zone which was where we were filming, we also put them on some tables just in case. We made a sheet with instructions which the students could follow, the instructions just told the students to act normal if the camera was facing them and just do what they normally do like eating their lunch and talk to their friends. At the bottom of the sheet we left some lines for students that took part to write down theirs names so we knew exactly who was in it and also for legal reason.

ksbhjd photo 2

Brand Identity

The first link within the ancillary products and the main product is having the same models on all of them. This allows us to create a link with all three products and will allow the audience to recognise our product more. We wanted to make our main product as realistic as we can and we convey this by making it relatable to our target audience by having it in a school cafeteria.  Both the ancillary products link together as all the models appears to be on the front cover.



Another thing that we really thought about was the colour scheme; we wanted to represent the school in some type of way so we decided to have the students wear the school uniform in the main product which represents the school colours, in both the ancillary product we had the background colours being the same colour as the school colours and the main school colour is dark and light blue.


The last link within the ancillary products would be the logo that we created; we wanted the logo to be something playful and colourful because of our target audience as we want them to recognise the logo everywhere they go. Our logo is ‘Shetland way’ written in black and we wanted to link it to the school theme so we had the ‘t’ in ‘Shetland’ being a blue tie so that it linked to the school colours and also the school uniform has a tie.
Altogether the brand identity in the main products and the ancillary tasks link together well.

Shetland Way

Film: Animatic

In the following video I have filmed shots of my storyboard. Originally we wanted to use a school alarm at the beginning of the opening sequence, but the sound did not fade well with the following audio making the sound of the footage juxtapose. Because of this we decided against this sound effect, but I am still very happy with the first draft, I think the opening sequence is still exciting minus this sound effect.

Also we wanted to originally film students walking down the stairs, but after attempting to film in this angle we found many problems for e.g the different shoes that students wore made the footage less consistent and my safety became a problem as a big amount of students were running down the stairs towards me. Other than this our first draft follows the storyboard.


This image shows Chloe attempting to film students walking down the stairs.

Here is the video:

Preparing for the film..

In this video I have shown the different methods we used to inform students of our filming. As well as information sheets and signs spread across the walls, we also contacted a teacher who was able to read out the filming announcement in assembly, and we created sheets that informed students where to sit if they didn’t want to get involved and distributed them in registers, this meant all students and teachers were informed in the morning.

Below is the video link: