My Magazine so far..


Here is my page design for my front cover. I still need to add my pictures in but this is what I have decided to have my front cover as. I may have to make some little changes and tweaks once the image is ready to be placed on however. I stuck to the colours of summer using the yellow, blue, pink and white. I used Billboard as an inspiration for my front cover and managed to make my story in the bottom right hand corner look like something they put on one of their front covers. I stuck to using a bold font for showing the name of the magazine because I think it would make the target audience look and think that the editors of the magazine know what they are doing. It also makes the magazine look more confident because they are proud to put their name in bold and make it stand out on the page. Although the main image may cover it up slightly. contents.fw

Here is my contents page. I have used orange as this is another colour that I think represents summer, as it is a colour that is based around the sun. I also decided to include the black as these two colours compliment each other. Although my magazine is a summer theme this does not mean that every single page has to be pink blues and whites, as this would make the magazine look boring. Additionally the contrast looks better rather than looking the same throughout. The layout I have used is simple yet effective. I have got the titles for each section of the magazine with the pages that have stories linked in. This layout I feel will appeal to my target audience because the layout is simple but looks mature and readable. I have also included an advert in the corner of the page encouraging readers to subscribe to the magazine.

double page.fw

Finally this is the layout for my double page spread. The left hand side of the page is all plain because that’s where the image is going to be. I have stayed with the pinks and blues as I think that these colours compliment each other, especially on a white background because the reader will be able to see fully the colours that are used. Additionally I have used 2 columns for the articles as this makes the page look more professional and neat. This fits in with my target audience as it is aimed at a mature target audience and by having a simple layout they will be more likely to read it.


Editing Practice

From my technical research, I have learned the basics of editing. I decided to put these skills to use by taking an old recording I made with a few peers for a year 8 advertisement project back in 2011. Seeing as we chose to advertise a first person shooter game, action shots were recorded. This gave me the perfect opportunity to make an attempt in editing in gunshots. Here is a PowerPoint where the first slide is the original 2011 footage and the second slide is my edited version. Edit practice (Bit inconvenient format, I know. But I could not insert video files directly, whilst SlideShare and Prezi refused to process the two videos because they took up too much space. This format was the only option left for me to use to share this.)

Preliminary Task

For my preliminary task, I had to create a school magazine front cover and contents page that would appeal to people of a teenage target audience. I drew a rough sketch of both of these, which I posted on my blog before hand.

I have designed my preliminary task front cover, here it is below:


I have stuck to a dark blue theme as the school logo consists of a dark blue. Also I have chosen the images I have as they are images which involve education. For example it shows someone studying which links with the title next to it about getting better results. something which is included in the magazine. I haven’t completed the magazine to perfection as their are many things which could be changed.

Preliminary contents.fw

Again, I’ve gone with the blue theme due to the school logo, keeping everything remotely the same. I have included some eye catching images which involve F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton who recently visited our school. I think that would catch the audiences eye. Also I have included a Sixth Form Round Up which could encourage younger years to read about sixth form and think about joining when their turn comes. I have included some other stories on how to help you revise for your upcoming exams and have also given you a chance to read about Lodge Parks Winter cup story. On page 11 you can read about A-Levels and what they offer so that you can start thinking about planning your future. Lastly, have a sneak peak at what school trips are available this term.



Here is the front page of my preliminary task. I decided to add in more pictures than I initially decided. This is because this news letter is meant to be aimed at the lower school and its generally aimed at younger people. This means they would prefer to look at the pictures rather than reading all the text on the from cover. I took a picture of a person on the computer because one of the main stories is about safer internet day and this image supports it. Moreover I stuck to the blue and white colour scheme because this is the colour scheme for Lodgepark, so it has to look consistent.

prelim con.fw

Here is my contents page. I decided to use a plain white background to contrast with the front cover as they are oppositely presented. Moreover I included emotions off of an iPhone because a lot of the lower school all have iPhones along with the older school, so it is something that may catch their eye as they will look at it throughout the day. I chose a picture of girls at the Winter Cup celebrating because they look happy and that is something that other students would like to see. Also I included a photo of Mrs Hayes as she is the head teacher and represents the school.

Preliminary Drafting


This is the design I have chosen for the front cover of my preliminary task.The title of this page is going to be ‘Lodge Park Academy News’, this will be at the top of the page. I will then have a picture of a student working as the main image of the front cover. My front cover will also include different stories down both sides of the image, the story to the right side of the image will be the main story of the article that has gone on during school.


This is the layout of my Contents page. The title of this page will be ‘Contents’ which will be at the top of the page, I will then include an image on the right side of the title. There will then be information of the different stories that are in the article and what page they are on. An image will also be included in between the listing if the contents page and the title this will be an image of either the academy or the main story that has happened during that week.

I have chosen these layouts because they are simple but effective. As it is a news letter for school it does not need to look too professional and flashy, a simple layout is acceptable.

Modal Release Form

Here is my model release form giving consent that I will be using my time effectively for this production, in order for our opening sequence to be as effective as possible.

We have both gained the experience of using a camera through our preliminary task. This has also helped us to pick up some of the skills required for our opening sequence. We have practiced also our use of shots and how we are going to interpret them to effect.

We don’t live too far away from each other so our setting is an ideal place to meet, meaning that it will be easy for us to just get on with the filming.

Preliminary Draft


These are my two layouts for my preliminary front cover (top) and contents page (bottom). The title of my magazine is ‘Lodge Park Academy’. My two main images are one of a student revising for upcoming exams as this links with my cover lines, my other image is the schools recent photo of success in the winter cup which leads on to the main story.