Question 4

The main target audience for our opening sequence is 15+ to mid-twenties this is because we feel that this is the audience that predominantly watches horror films, we fell that this is the target audience because they are in the cinema/film era where they watch films on a regular basis that if they get spare money they would buy a film or go to the cinema and spend money , we also feel like our film is open to male and female even though we only portray males throughout , we still believe from research females will enjoy the horror aspect. Also from the research we took out we know that horror is an area that has a large mass market.

During our research we had to look at The Woman In Black because we this had a mass audience and that is what we are hoping to achieve so this is why we used this film as our main basis.

The Woman In Black predominantly uses jump scares and we felt like this is key to gripping the audience in, so we used this effect as we feel it is the best way to achieve the mass audience.

We think that the main aim for our production was to use our knowledge of our target audience to really attract the production towards the target market as we have aimed our film at the correct target market. Referring to how James Watkins filmed The Woman in black and including this within our production should hook the audience in.

Costumes and Props

For costumes we are going to keep this rather simple this meaning we are going to wear modern clothing we feel that this will be effective along with the location we are using to film .

In regards of the protagonist we want them to look like they have less power than other characters but we also want them to look slightly scary to go along with the psychological horror theme so it would be more focused on with the facial expressions and make up that we will use.

On the theme of make up as a pair we have decided that this could be key for close ups and jump shots , so as we have decided it is key we have went out and brought white face dust which will effectively be there to show that they are dead . Also fake blood and cuts will be useful so because we know that they are going to be really crucial within the opening sequence . To help us get this 100% correct we have used the following YouTube tutorials.“>“>  

The props we plan to use will be the standard psychological horror props this consisting of knifes , fake blood in certain areas and general props that are going to shock and make the audience jump hopefully.


IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424

For our location we have decided to use on of our houses because its local , also the house we have decided to use is fairly modern so this will add to the effect with the sub genre of horror .

The house is very local between the two of us it is around a 15 minute walk so this will be really ideal for us .

For us to be able to set up the setting it will not take long at all because we are able to have mains power for all the equipment that we need.