perliminary taskFinal magazine

This is my preliminary front cover and my final front cover. These are the mastheads I chose to use; they are very different in terms of appearance and layout. The masthead for my preliminary is quite basic, the wording is bold and looks quite professional and effective, however looking at the other masthead on my final piece you can see an obvious improvement, you will see that the font is more quirky and fun, it also overlaps the background and is slanted which shows the informality of the magazine which is a good element to have in terms of reaching my target audience. The fun font and informal element relates to the teenage target audience I am aiming for. My masthead is slightly more to the left off the page, this is too balance it out with the main image which is more to the right, and this makes the page look full and more interesting. The font for my preliminary was just a standard font from the Microsoft word program however for my main task I research into different fonts using until I found one I was happy with. I chose this certain font as it looked very effective and fun and I think it would suit the stereotype of a pop genre magazine well. For the font I decided to use normal black on a brightly coloured background this is because it made the font stand out without being too colourful and tacky. The actual name of the magazine ‘LISTEN!’ is quite demand and draws in the audience as it is direct address to them this makes them feel comfortable and makes them want to read the magazine.

Contents page

The layout between both the preliminary task and my final contents page are quite similar. There are elements I used for my preliminary that I really liked so I used for my final piece but then there was other parts that didn’t work as well which I needed to improve, for example the colour scheme in the preliminary task follows the house colours of the school but looks very boring and it loses the effect, therefore for my final contents page I decided to use bright colours to make it stand out and look intriguing to my audience. The use of images was also very slight in my preliminary task, I used some images including an image of the front page and an image of the cup that the school had won, however although these did look quite professional and formal, it still looked boring so this was something I needed to think about when creating my final magazine. I used a variety of different images for my final contents page, I really like the idea of having a picture of the front page with arrows pointing to the page numbers so I used this element again in my main task. The images on my main task are so much more effective and interesting and really brighten up the page as they look really professional. The layout5 of my preliminary was very organised and structured but after looking at other contents pages I decided that again it was effective enough and definitely would be too boring for the target audience for my pop magazine. I improved the layout by making the tile of the contents page again more quirky sticking to the same font as the front page as I really liked and thought it would be intriguing to my target audience. I also clumped the letters up in an abnormal way in the right hand corner to fill space and make it look for effective.  By using sub headings at the side it makes it easier to locate the contents but also gave me the opportunity to make the contents page more interesting and appealing to my target audience for example a heading it ‘we ❤ boys’ which will appeal to my target audience as they will at the age where they are getting with boys and learning new things about them , the text heart also relates to the age group I am aiming for and makes them feel comfortable.

Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?


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