Evaluation Q7

Question: “Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

I learned various heights of shots to give or subtract power from characters, something I didn’t pay much attention to in my preliminary, but paid a bit more focus to in my final product. I had to rush the final product, thus there is a few things I would have done different if given more time…

The school computers gave me trouble previewing my film, thus I could not correct some of the animation errors, as well as in one shot I forgot to recolour the guns back to black. If I could re-do my final task, I would have proof-checked it before exporting. I also had complains about the audio, if I had more time, I would have the actors re-record the voice lines as so the wind does not obscure the audio.

I would also have re-shot some of the scenes, because the actors did not deliver to the level I wanted, But overall I enjoyed making this project, and I’m looking forwards to A2.


Evaluation Q4 & 5

Question: “  Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for my film has originally intended to be Teenagers and young adults, because I am most familiar with their expectations. I tried to make my film flow smoothly into the action packed second half, which is specifically targeted towards my target audience. However, the film is also intended for anyone who enjoys Post-Apocalyptic fiction similar to ‘Fallout’, to suit this I went through a great deal of effort in finding a location for my film, one which would look abandoned and in ruins which isn’t that easy to find in a town where abandoned sites are knocked down and replaced with housing estates on daily basis, I have had at least two previous filming sites either blocked off, or knocked down and being turned into a building site.

As for my audience, I tried to make the film action packed, while still not over-doing it for a Opening sequence, the result is somewhat along the lines of what I imagined, but it still had room for improvement.

(Also answered how I attracted my target audience, thus this also answers question 5)

Evaluation Q3

Question: “What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

This could be approached in two different ways depending on how the film would go after the opening sequence…

If the film was set in Britain like I planned to, it could be labelled as a British Film and this distributed under that name, this would achieve less of a commercial success as the other option, but would give more freedom of what I put in the film, although it would not be the typical definition of a British film, and thus would be dismissed from this.

The alternative would be to approach a large publisher company and have them distribute the film, Seeing as it is already action packed, there is somewhat of a chance that this idea would succeed, achieving a greater success and creating a greater fan-following than with the other option, thus raising more income for a future project, establishing the franchise.

Evaluation Q2

Question: “How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Due to casting limitations, the groups I represented were all limited…

It represents the protagonist- a city born mercenary as a harsh person who takes no prisoners, which I presumed would be the type of mentality of someone send out from a civilised settlement to dispatch with an issue. The bandits on the other hand are depicted to be quite human at first, but return the levels of hostility by the end, showing how much the level of distrust between humans would rise with the breakdown of the law.

Not much else to say about this one, if I could, I would have fine-tuned the costumes and props a bit more, but due to time limitations, I had to make-do with what I had at my disposal.

Final Production

As my time was running out, I spent around 3 days focusing on trying to get this production done, I admit, there is a few things I wish I did differently, but my shortage of time and the lag I got while trying to preview my film on school computers limited my options a bit, anyway, here is the finished Opening to the new film: ‘Aftermath’

Evaulutation Q1

Question: “In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 

Firstly, My protagonist is presented as a sort of ‘Bounty Hunter’ type of character, which goes against the conventions of (Post) Apocalyptic protagonists either being helpless survivors or ‘knight-in-shining-armour’ types who try to sort out the broken world, In this I decided to go for a more realistic approach.

I stuck with the Convention of the widely spread idea that bottle caps would be used as currency in a Post-Apocalyptic future, and while the audio doesn’t make it clear, I tried to put the caps in the middle of the shot, to etherises the point.

I named my film: “Aftermath” which in itself has a Post-Apocalypse vibe, similar to well established media of this genre such as ‘Fallout’

In terms of camera work, I didn’t venture too far from the set norms, I started off with several long establishing shots, followed by a slip into an action scene, typical of this genre.