BBC Genre Mix

The image below shows the genre mix of the BBC channels, which remains similar to 2011, mainly because three of the five channels are single-genre (CBeeBies, CBBC, and The News). The biggest relative increase every year is the 14% increase in the ‘other’ category, which is again most likely to have been influenced by the PSB’s coverage of the big sporting events in 2012.


BBC digitial channels include BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBBC and CBeeBies. The figures were invested in 2012. The ‘Other’ category includes Educations, Drama, Film, Religion and Sport.


Research into similar products – similarities of trailers(media language) & representation

In the above presentation we have explained the similarities between the trailers we have watched and also talked about the representation of characters and plot.

Textual analysis of ancillary products (film poster)

One of the ancillary products that we have chosen is a film poster, therefore we have looked into the romantic drama film posters conventions and picked three different posters to look at. We have analysed each and every one of them, making sure that we remember the genre, narrative, media language and representation.

Romantic drama narrative research

<a href="” title=”Romantic drama narrative research “>Romantic drama narrative research

We have looked at some romantic drama trailers and made notes on each of them. After gathering all of these notes and analysing the plot of the trailers, we have tried to pick out a couple of similarities between them to see if there are any particular things that each trailer includes.

We have created a prezi to present our research.