Evaluation- Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

masthead 1

There is a massive difference in mastheads from my preliminary to my magazine. As one is one short word whereas the other is “Lodge Park Academy”. I felt this was a very boring title and it wouldn’t attract my audience’s attention, whereas my magazine one is informal and eye catching, it also has more connotations that the audience can relate to. The mainstream audience I am attracting would see the title ‘SCENES’ and instantly be attracted as this a word that potential youths use for something shocking/surprising, this will imply there is gossip and drama in my magazine. Positioning is key when creating a magazine, as the main things such as the masthead and main image are realistically the first thing the audience will see. So putting this in the top left corner of my magazine would be visible to the audience as it being on top would show its importance, also will make the main image visible.


There is a larger difference in the two front cover images; this is down to the different cameras, the genre and the look of my magazine. For the preliminary front cover image I had the person in the image wearing formal clothing, reading a book. It was taken on an iPhone so the quality wasn’t great as you can the sun light blocking some of the image. This is because it is aimed at school kids, revising for their exams. If I stuck this in a pop magazine it would just give off a boring/dull vibe and wouldn’t attract my target audience. Whereas my image now, fits in with the theme of my magazine. I used clothing to show this, also the camera (HD Nikon 3100) I used brought out the facial features of my model. It also picked up every detail; I decided the remove the background from my picture so it would look real when in my magazine. As I most pop magazines main image doesn’t have a setting. The lightening used in my picture was all used by professional LED lights, which I could adjust the brightness to suit the style of my magazine, this is why I used dark lightening as it fitted with the theme of my magazine.

Contents Page

Both contents page are similar in the fact that they use multiple images, also that the content is layered on the left hand side. However, I think that my final product is better presented and looks more of a contents page compared to my preliminary content. As the preliminary was spacious and didn’t have much on it, whereas my content now is more filled with features. The content on my real magazine has much more colour, and sticks to a theme. It is in a chronological order to make it more understandable and make sure the audience doesn’t miss a thing.

Font used on front cover

From looking at the two fonts used as the header shows very different connotations. For the preliminary, I used a plain boring font from the Microsoft Word defaults, making it dull, boring and formal. Whereas in my magazine I used a website called fontspace.co.uk to find a font. I decided to use a font called DK Crayon Crumble, which made it look bright, enthusiastic and bubbly. I feel like I needed to use all capital letters in my masthead as it was a stereotypical convention used in pop magazines. It also made it stand out, with it being so bold. Whereas the cover lines had a mixture of capitals and non-capitals, I did this to show importance of feature.


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