Double page spread text.

Here is a clearer and closer up view of the text that I included onto my double page spread. (click to zoom in)jodie dp text.fw


Evaluation 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
Throughout this project, I have used a number of different technological programs and features. Some of them I had used before, but some of them were completely new to me. is where my whole project started. This was a blog in which I uploaded all of my work onto, sort of like a tracking system so my teacher could see where I was for each stage of the project. This was the first ever time I had used WordPress so it was a completely new experience for me. I thought that it was extremely easy to use and work my way around. I liked the idea of uploading my work and seeing it there and seeing the date in which I uploaded it on. wordpress Before this project I had never used Prezi and I was surprised at how easy it was to use. It was the base for a lot of my presentations that I uploaded to the blog. I thought that this was a far more creative way to display some of my work, a lot more creative than just creating a PowerPoint presentation. It took me a bit of time to experiment with the features on it. I really liked the features on it in which I could jump from bit of text to another as well; I thought that it was a different way of presenting my work.
prezi Again, much like Prezi, I had never used Slideshare before this project. Although this project was simple, it was a different way to display my work. Any work that I did do on a PowerPoint presentation could easily put onto a Slideshare presentation. Similar to Prezi again, I was surprised at simple it was to use, although it was a simple site to use.

PowerPoint and Word: I had used both PowerPoint and Word before this project, but I started to use PowerPoint in ways I had never before. I found use in the ‘remove background’ tool and used the tool a lot across my magazine; I had never before used or seen this tool.
powerpointword I had never used before but due to this project, I started using it and discovering the features that it offered. I needed different ways to present my work in a creative work and stumbled upon this website. I was really pleased at how easy it was to work along with how much diversity there was in presenting my work.

Photoshop CS6: I have always had access to Photoshop but I had never actually used it. I had to look at several tutorial videos to get some help on what I wanted to do with some of the pictures. The whole layout of Photoshop was quite confusing to me hence why I needed to look at tutorials. I think I would have to use Photoshop a lot to finally get a clear understanding on it. I think it can offer a lot of variety with its tools but I could get the same job done on something much more easily, which a lot of the time, I did.
Fujifilm SL1000: This was the camera that I used to take all of my pictures. I have used digital cameras before but never one that was this clear in taking photos. I used features on the camera like the macro effect which was very good at capturing some of my close up photos of my model’s tattoos. I also experimented with the focus on the camera, for example, on some shots, I brought certain things into focus and others were not, I felt like this brought some of my photos something different to them. Because the camera belonged to my brother, he was there for assistance for me and if anything went wrong, he helped me out with it.
fujifilm sl1000

Publisher: Although I had used Microsoft Publisher before, I had never used it to the extent I had this time. I used it extensively as it was the core program that I used to build my magazine on. I thought what was particularly helpful that I had never used before was the use of the ruler along the top of the page. Using this made elements on my page well laid out and even. If I had something placed repeatedly, I wanted it to be place identically and in correlation with other things I was placing, so with this, the ruler helped me a lot here.
Because I had some trouble with editing photos on Photoshop, I looked for other editing sites or programs that could help me make my photos look how I intended them to. This brought me to The site was extremely easy to use in comparison with Photoshop, so it was nice to edit the photos to how I wanted but not looking at tutorials when doing so. I edited the majority of my photos on this site.