Research Into Music and Organise Recording

The Prometheus trailer music has been chosen to be used in my opening sequence as I believe it creates a certain atmosphere during the scenes. I plan to apply the music during the zombies chasing the humans. This helps to create a certain tension in between and it will give suspense during the opening sequence as well and make the audience wonder what will happen next. Ultimately, there will a sudden pause which will create an atmospheric moment of tension which will leave the audience wondering what’s happening.




The outfits for the survivors are going to be very simple as this is the start of the outbreak which means that the clothes haven’t been worn out yet. Due to the weather circumstances, the actors will require to wear jackets and casual clothing such as jeans and a pair of old trainers. On the other hand, the zombies will have to be taken into a more detailed approach. For example, the zombies need to be covered in blood in order to give an idea to the audience that they have been attacked and bitten. The make-up detail will have to be at a very good standard in order to give a sense of realism and to show that the zombies are decaying. The zombies will also have to look dirty, as in they will either have mud on their trousers or a few rips in order to show that they have struggled to fend off the zombies when they were attacked.

For the props, I have decided to give small backpacks to the humans in order to give a sense of a survival and desperation. The backpacks give a sense of urban survival and it is commonly used to show preparation in apocalyptic films.

zombie_makeup_jero3                                         etnies-drake-backpack-61398-m


I will use a camera in order to film my scenes which will be provided by the school. I will also borrow a tri-pod in order to steady the camera during long period shots. In order to edit and finalise my opening sequence, I will use a software called IMovie and edit and delete any shots that seem inappropriate.

Topic Research

I have decided that my sequence will be based on a small group of people that are surviving a zombie plague as best as they can but in the end they ultimately encounter a zombie and things seem surreal to them and they are petrified.

I have decided to follow Todorov’s narrative structure and have the equilibrium as a peaceful start and the group just attempting to survive. As the opening sequence progresses, I will break down conventions in order to appeal the audience and keep them captivated throughout the sequence.

At the beginning of the sequence, I will show a shot of a newsreport in order to inform the audience what the sequence is about and by doing so, this will set a serious tone to the sequence. I also believe that the introduction of a newsreport will give a realistic approach to the sequence as it could make the audience believe that something of that magnitude could potentially happen. The shot will fade out and a shot will show trees and zoom out into a far shot of the group depicting their attempts of survival.

The scenes that follow will show a power struggle within the group arise and this gives a sense of tension grow in the scene. I will zoom out the shot and give a glimpse of isolation, either by showing how small the group is by depicting how big the woods are, which will show a contrast and show an apocalyptic world. Then suddenly, a huge roar in the distance startles the group. Out of nowhere, a pack of zombies start running towards the group, as the runs away, a music sequence will play in the background. The group stops as they encounter a zombie eating on some flesh, the zombie turns around and screams at the group and then the sequence stops.


The following questions are a way the audience can let me know what they’d like me to do in terms of completing the film. Please tick the answers that you would deem appropriate:

Where do you think the location of my setting should be?

Woods (  )

Abandoned warehouse (  )

Town centre (  )


What type of music would you prefer to have during the sequence?

Dissonance (  )

Rhythmic (  )

Silent (  )


What age do you think should be suitable for this opening sequence?

PG (  )

12 (  )

12A (  )

15 (  )

18+ (  )

Which gender would you want the protagonist to be?

Male (  )

Female (  )


What time during the day would you prefer the shooting to take place?

Daytime (  )

Night time (  )

Dusk (  )

Dawn (  )

Out of 30 questionnaires, 22 people said they’d rather have the location be shot in the woods.18 people answered that they’d rather have rhythmic music in the opening sequence, this is good because I believe it will create more suspense. 14 people said they think the age restriction should be 15. I am inclined to believe that this seems appropriate as most of the target audience are teenagers and as estimated 20 out of 30 people would prefer the protagonist to be a male character. 19 people are wanting the location to be shot at dusk.

Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

My opening sequence will be aimed at both genders that are interested in horror films that vary from the ages of 15 and over because it doesn’t seem appropriate for children below the age of 15. I had to study audience types in order to have an idea of what would be my target audience.

Psychographics:  The horror genre is aimed at psychographics that are known under the category “explorer”. This is because the group seeks the emotions that a horror film will give them. For example, a horror film deliberately intends to scare or unsettle the audience via their scenes. Another category in psychographics is the “struggler”. This is because they seek a sensational impact in order to be satisfied. In addition, my aim is to make my horror opening sequence as captivating as possible in order to engage the audience. However, in order to achieve this I will have to use certain conventions that will engage viewers that are keen to feel adrenaline or the thrill during the scene. It is from my best interest to make the scenes as realistic as possible and I aim to do this in an effective way as if it is done poorly, it can lose appeal to the audience. “Explorers” seek thrill, therefore I should aim to create some suspense in the scene as effectively as possible in order to make the sequence look as professional as possible.

Demographics: I have conducted a research in an attempt to find out what ages are most keen on horror films and I have discovered that mostly teenagers and adults are interested in the genre. Both genders are heavily interested, especially the female sex as they seek excitement and scariness in the film in order to be engaged. Based on some research, males from the ages of 16 – 35 are the most likely set of individuals that would want to watch the film.

Primary Audience: The target audience of this opening sequence will most likely be males from 16 and above. This is because they are primarily involved and related to the horror genre as it usually provides thrill for them. Although females can also enjoy watching films, it is known that they are more likely to be frightened by the disturbance caused in the film. However, my opening sequence is aimed at the mass market which means that both genders can watch it if they are particularly interested in the zombie sub-genre.