Technical reaserch-How to hold a camera

This part of my technical research shows me to hold a camera correctly so that I can accurately take pictures for my indie music magazine as I feel this looks more professional, because it will make my shots look a lot cleaner and more business-like.


Focus Group Results

How much would you pay for a monthly edition of a magazine?
Evie: £2
Adele: £2 to £3.99
Olivia: £3
Zoe: I’d probably just pay a £25 subscription over all

What colour scheme would you expect to see on a winter magazine?
Evie: Like, dark reds and greens
Adele: Purple, silvers and greens
Olivia: White and red
Zoe: White or blue, some red

What colour scheme would you expect to see on a summer magazine?
Evie: Like pinks and whites
Adele: Yellow, green, red, like vibrant colours
Olivia: Yellow, pink, purple, blue
Zoe: Orange and pink

How do you think the person on the front of the magazine should be pictured?
Evie: Wearing loads of clothes, looking iconic
Adele: Posing, maybe being caught off guard
Olivia: Posing
Zoe: Posing provocatively

What kind of content do you expect to see in a pop magazine?
Evie: What to wear for the seasons that are upcoming
Adele: Q and A, quizzes
Olivia: Reviews
Zoe: Real life stories, the news and dietary needs

What gift would you like to be included if there was a free one?
Evie: Lipstick
Adele: Lip gloss, maybe some eye shadow
Olivia: Nail varnish
Zoe: Free nail varnish, lipstick or a mirror

What do you like to read in pop magazines?
Evie: Dietary needs of pop stars
Adele: Celebrity news and their personal lives
Olivia: Celebrity fashion
Zoe: Celebrity news, real stories

What kind of artist do you expect to see on the front and why?
Evie: People like Lady GaGa, people that are outgoing
Adele: Beyoncé because she’s really iconic
Olivia: A-Listers because everyone knows who they are
Zoe: Beyoncé because she’s stunning and really well known