Poster Textual Analysis 2

red balloon

  • Centrally composed
  • Black and red colour scheme
  • Little girl, represents innocence and purity
  • The red hearts on her pyjamas look like blood foreshadowing that she’ll be involved in some sort of violence
  • Black is used to represent darkness and evil things
  • Red  symbolises danger, blood and violence
  • Children are vulnerable making the audience feel sorry if anything happens to her
  • Little girls are usually seen as the symbol of innocence so if she was to do something evil it would be twice as shocking, also kids are gullible making her even more prone to danger
  • The font is blurred out making it unsettling for the audience
  • The shadow on her face connotes that she has a conflict between good and evil as her brother is the antagonist of the film and she lets him do bad things because she loves him

Poster Textual Analysis 1


  • Dark, gothic setting, stereotypical old fashioned castle already linking to the theme of horror.
  • Bad weather, thunderstorm, pathetic fallacy showing the atmosphere is tense and scary.
  • The use of red in the windows connotes danger within the house
  • The use of red blood on the stick connotes the violence of the mother figure already setting up the relationship with her daughter
  • The red on the title links to what it’s saying as it links to blood.
  • The billing blog sticks to normal film poster conventions
  • The cover is centrally composed focusing on the little girl and her scared facial expression introducing the horror genre as she must be scared of something lurking in the house

Textual Analysis – TV Magazines

I did some textual analysis for my ancillary task of TV magazines, this allows me to get an interpretation into the types of spreads that these magazines can include and it will ultimately help the group to create our own in the future.

I analysed three different double page spreads and I tried to make sure that they varied in presentation styles so that I could compare them in order to look at the conventions.

Genre research

We have done a lot of analysis by now and we have decided to stick to the romantic drama genre. To be able to create our own trailer of this genre, we have looked at the repertoire of elements which we have analysed earlier on in our research.

The website and the trailer will use soft images and warm colours to be able to represent the romantic drama genre. The trailer will also include the two main characters showing their love towards each other and also the obstacles that will affect their emotions. By doing that, we will manage to connote the genre through our product.

Genre research

After all the analysis we have done so far, we decided to stick to the romantic drama genre. In order for us to create a professional film trailer of this genre, we have had a look at the Repertoire of elements. Earlier on in the research progress, we have analysed the repertoire of elements.

The website and the trailer will consist of soft images and warm colours in order to portray the romantic drama genre. Also, the trailer will include the two main characters showing their love and going through obstacles; this way, we will manage to connote the genre through the products.


We had a look at how the genre is reflected in romantic drama trailers – we learnt that this is portrayed through the scenes showing certain parts of the narrative, as well as the props (letters, wedding rings, photographs). For us to portray the genre, we are intending to show the most romantic and intense scenes, as well as montages to give the audience an insight of the genre.  


To portray the romantic drama genre in the website, we are intending to include things such as the poster and the synopsis of the narrative; this way, the viewers will recognise that the website is part of the trailer and poster and the plot summary will inform the audience about the genre.


The way we are thinking to reflect the romantic drama genre in the poster is by using typical warm colours to portray love and the relationship between the characters.

Progress report

I think I am doing well so far. Mariana and I have watched some romantic drama trailers and after analysing them and other students’ work, we have some initial ideas for out own piece of work.

Once we have finished the analysis of similar products, my media teacher has marked it and gave us corrections which I have completed straight away.

We have made some decisions about what we will include in our trailer. Wipes will definitely appear in it, because they’re a typical editing technique used in the genre that we’ve chosen. We are planning to have two main characters, a male and a female and the scenes within the film won’t be shown in a chronological order so the trailer is more appealing and doesn’t give away the whole story. We want to use blackouts too as we will be using a variety of shots and I believe using blackouts will compliment those and make them look more powerful and effective. When deciding on the narrative, we thought we will have one of the main characters suffer from a serious illness and we will show different obstacles that will come in between the main characters and stop them from  being together, as this is a typical romantic drama genre convention.

We have also thought about our ancillary products and thought we might use a soft image to portray the theme of the film. For the website, we want to use the same colour scheme that we have used on the poster as well as in the trailer to show consistency and professionalism. We will include a banner of the two main characters, a poster and the trailer as well as synopsis.