Evaluatuion 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progession from it to full product?

Mast Head

pre title

front title

The mast head on my preliminary task was in a bubbly font, which I did stull use on my magazine, however I did not think it was suitable for my main magazines mast head. I chose a bold and modern font for my magazine, I decided to do this because by having the bold font it looked more modern and attracted peoples attention to look at it. The layout I used for my preliminary I think was not suitable for my main magazine. This was because by having the font bold and going across the whole page, it made my magazine fit into the market that I put it in. The colour I used for my mast head is white on both. The preliminary mast head is still spread across the page, however the writing is on different levels. This is because the actual name of the preliminary magazines name is a lot longer than my main magazine, however if I decided to have a longer name for my main magazine because this layout did not look professional or suitable for my target audience.

Front Cover Image

imageee      jrodan

On my magazines front cover, my model is posing for the picture with her hands pulling down on her jacket. Where as in my preliminary magazine the image is candid and there is nothing professional about it. It is a very natural image, so I decided that I wanted my model to posing in my magazine because after looking at the preliminary image, I did not think it looked very professional. As you can see on my main magazine there is not a lot going on, the page is fairly spaced out and there is not too much going on that may put the reader off. It does not look very professional for my target audience but since it is aimed at a school audience ranging from 11-18, this would suit them.

Contents Page

contents contents pre

My contents page are nothing alike. I created my contents page for my preliminary task based around a younger target audience that are not interested in the things I have included in my main magazine. The page is very plain and has one main image and the Lodge Park logo in the corner. My main magazines layout is also quite plain with one main image. When you look at my main magazine have only included one images, this makes the reader want to read the magazine more because they can see the whole magazine is not text heavy, where as the contents page for my preliminary task is really bare and too spaced out.


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