Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The logo for both the website and double page spread stick with the convention where the logo is positioned at the top. We have included the logo at the top of the page, where it is easily noticed and then portrays the importance of a title. The colour of the logo contrasts against the dark black background as the logo is a bright firey orange which is also suitable for the title ‘IGNITE’. For the website we have focused on itv.com. The logos are both positioned at the top, in bright colours that stand out and is clear for the audience to see. With the newspaper advertisement we have positioned the logo in the middle of the page, however, we have stuck to the house style, of using the same colours and logo as the two other products. This makes the logo more recognisable to the audiences and professionalises the channel itself, into being organised and branded. The logo also conjoins with the subtitle ‘Setting your passion for entertainment alight’, this, again, is used on all three products, using the same font style, size and colour. It is also positioned directly under the main logo.

All 3 products follow the same house style as all the colours, font styles and sizes are fairly similar throughout. The products include a dark background with white text to stand out, however, the main colour that is visible is orange. This is because the logo ‘IGNITE’ is fierce and powerful, therefore, we felt as though fire colours such as red, yellow and orange would fit suitably. We also included a flame boarder around the edges of all three tasks to make the three tasks more bold and eye catching.


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