Main Task

This is the link to our final product which is the opening sequence to a children’s programme.


Film: Animatic

In the following video I have filmed shots of my storyboard. Originally we wanted to use a school alarm at the beginning of the opening sequence, but the sound did not fade well with the following audio making the sound of the footage juxtapose. Because of this we decided against this sound effect, but I am still very happy with the first draft, I think the opening sequence is still exciting minus this sound effect.

Also we wanted to originally film students walking down the stairs, but after attempting to film in this angle we found many problems for e.g the different shoes that students wore made the footage less consistent and my safety became a problem as a big amount of students were running down the stairs towards me. Other than this our first draft follows the storyboard.


This image shows Chloe attempting to film students walking down the stairs.

Here is the video:

Preparing for the film..

In this video I have shown the different methods we used to inform students of our filming. As well as information sheets and signs spread across the walls, we also contacted a teacher who was able to read out the filming announcement in assembly, and we created sheets that informed students where to sit if they didn’t want to get involved and distributed them in registers, this meant all students and teachers were informed in the morning.

Below is the video link:

Model Release Forms

As we used over 40 actors for our opening sequence we were unable to hand out model release forms, instead I left space on the instructions sheet for students to write their names in groups, the students were aware that by sitting in the area surrounded by notices that read ‘filming will take place in this part of the room’ they would be shown in our film and were comfortable with this, any students that didn’t want to take part sat in the opposite side of the hall.


Film: Shooting Schedule

Now that we have completed our draft and the table plan we are ready to plan the shooting schedule.

We will be filming the sequence on Friday 6th February.
To prepare for the filming we made notices that will be placed in form folders, this way teachers can notify students in the morning of our plans and students are aware of where we will be filming. We will also place notices in and around the location again to emphasise the plans to the students. The notice will inform the students of where we will be filming so students who don’t want to take part know where to sit. I will be filming with Clara Rodrigues, as I will be holding the video camera whilst Clara pushes me on the chair like the image below.

Our teacher will also be at the location to help with any problems we may face. We will quickly inform the actors involved of the following rules:

  • Act normally and spend your lunch time as usual, we want to capture the everyday school environment.
  • When the camera approaches DO NOT make eye contact unless instructed by myself or Clara.
  • Please stay sat when filming as we will be travelling across the room on the chair and we want to avoid any incidents.
  • Lastly, students who are not taking part please avoid travelling behind or in front of the camera as it may be a distraction.

We are prepared for the day of the shooting and will record some behind the scenes footage to share with you.