Psychological Horror – Mood Board

To share out the information Adrianna and I gathered on the psychological horror genre, I created a prezi:




Welcome to my blog!

Hello, I am Danielle Watkins, and I’m at working on my Media AS coursework with Chloe Logan and Rebecca McConnell. Together we have decided to do a print for a magazine, aimed at young teenagers. The magazine will be four pages. The home page, a two page spread for the inside and the content page. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Response to the brief..

Hello my name is Chloe Harrison and this is my AS media coursework.
I am working with Clara Rodrigues and we have chosen to create a front page, contents and a double page spread for a new music magazine. Our chosen genre is R&B, we chose this as its popular in our age group, so we’d know what the artists would look like and some of the headlines. The target audience of our magazine is young adults as the genre R&B appeals to this age group as they are interested in magazines whereas elders purchase daily newspapers so I think it would be successful to have young adults as our target audience.

Our inspiration for our styling is below.

We like the styling of these covers as we like the plain background contrasting with the artist in the front as they stand out more. I also like the use of block colours on the Billboard cover as it makes the whole cover look mature and more fun. When we create the cover I hope to use the techniques from the Vibe cover as I like how the theme colours feature blue as the artist (Kanye West) is wearing a blue collar, I like this as the theme colours go with the artist and do not look too bold. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Mood Board

Mood Board

The is the mood board the we created, we took our inspiration from the 2013 film ‘The Evil Dead’

1) The first image that we used on our mood board was the film poster for ‘The Evil Dead’ the poster is typical of the genre because it has blood stains and blood is associated with horror. In addition to this there is the association with the solitary cabin in the woods that is associated with horror.
2) The second image is off the book of the dead it is the centre point around the films it is covered in blood because of the horror that it associated with somebody bleeding and the writing is very scratchy and written in blood showing that it is frantic and chaotic
3) Image three shows Mia when she is possessed this shows the makeup and stereotypical features of someone who is possessed for example, pale face, wild hair and yellow eyes. We could use this when it comes to filming.
4) Image four shows each of the main characters of from this and the binary oppositions. It can also it could be used the highlight Propp’s character types. For example the man second from the left is hero because he sacrifices himself for the princess who is the women in the middle. The dispatcher is the longer haired man on the left is the dispatcher this is because he reads from the book of the dead and causes the demons in the first place.
5) Image five shows the type of gore that is typical with the horror genre. The blood and knife connotes horror because of the violence that would have to cause these wounds and blood. The image is made to look worse because of the paradoxical look on the victims face because they are not reacting to the wound and looks calm. The knife is associated with horror because of the wounds that it creates and how personal it is unlike the gun because of how quick it is. It doesn’t give the audience the chance to see the victim’s emotions.
6) This image shows binary oppositions because of the good vs. evil because of the evil possessed being in the mirror opposed the good character looking into the mirror. The bathroom is commonly used in horrors because of the vulnerability of being in the bathroom, for example, the one entrance and exit. In addition to this when somebody is in the bathroom they are usually doing something to make them vulnerable such as showering or using the toilet.



Hello, my name is Chloe Logan and this is my Media AS coursework, I am working with Rebecca McConnell and Danielle Watkins. We have chosen to create a front cover, a contents page and a double page spread for a pop genre magazine. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

Update on the group decisions:

Our group has decided that we want to look more at the slasher, thriller horror genre and we wish to create this because we have already seen that many of the conventions from The Evil Dead are showing the typical ideas of having lots of gore and visual representations of horror. The B movie type of film that the original The Evil Dead was is something that we can create because we clearly do not have a large movie production budget, a gore-fest effectively is something we intend to re-create. The narrative is going to focus on the idea of balanced characters being killed in order to cause disequilibrium, but this will eventually resolve itself because this fits the appropriate narrative structure of a typical horror film.