This is the location that the majority of my pictures will be taken at. I chose this location as it is a room that is decorated in a way that compliments the target audience of my magazine. It is also the room that belongs to my model so this way I thought that it would be more authentic this way.



Completing the trailers page of the website

We have completed the last page of website, and overall have now completed the entire site. We are extremely happy with the final product, because we believe that it represents our brand effectively towards our intended target audience.

The final page uses the aspects of logo, mantra, navigation links and social networking bar because these were locked to all pages and this ensures that the entire website is consistent for the purpose of appearing as professional towards the audience. The actual page itself consists of a heading that says ‘latest trailers’, with this being in the consistent orange colour yet again which contrasts strongly with the background alike the rest of the orange that is concurrent for our brand identity.

Underneath the heading of the page are the names of the three flagship shows within our channel, with these being in the same orange, red and yellow colours that were used on the home page – thus creating more consistency and also with the use of bright, vibrant colours – we create an exciting ‘buzz’ towards our programming. The respective advertisements are then placed underneath each heading, allowing the viewer to be able to see all of the relevant trailers for our shows.


For the questionnaire I have decided to avoid printing off tons of sheets and handing them out to class-mates as that would not give a 100% accurate representation of my target audience, which while being similar age to my Year group, it also includes people a bit older (early 20s), thus I have decided to use SurveyMonkey to conduct my research. I went with just 5 questions (and an extra comments section for anything my audience may want to add) as I don’t want to scare people away with pages worth of questions, plus I have carefully chosen my questions to ask about the elements of my film which I want my target audience’s opinion on.

Questionnaire- Szymon

Now all that’s left is to send this to my target audience, expect the next update on this task once I have received all the answers.

Preparing for the film..

In this video I have shown the different methods we used to inform students of our filming. As well as information sheets and signs spread across the walls, we also contacted a teacher who was able to read out the filming announcement in assembly, and we created sheets that informed students where to sit if they didn’t want to get involved and distributed them in registers, this meant all students and teachers were informed in the morning.

Below is the video link: