Evaluation of questionnaire..

Below is the questionnaire and the results:

The evaluation:

  • Our first question was the following ‘Do you ever buy R&B magazines’ the majority of the percentage do not buy R&B magazines. This meant that R&B magazines don’t appeal to our chosen target audience which was age 16-17.
  • 46% of our results showed that our target audience would buy an R&B magazine at the price of £2.50 which is a price we may set for our magazine.

  • We will feature more solo acts in the magazine as this appeals to the audience.

  • I am pleased that the audience preferred mid shot and close-up as we are very keen on using a close-up as this is a typical camera shot used for magazines.

  • We are happy with these results as we wanted our magazine to have a subtle colour scheme.

  • We disagree with this result as R&B magazines hardly use subtitles as the main image is more important.

  • I disagree with this result as R&B magazines are more informative as they have an older audience.

  • The results above show a mixed opinion communicating it does not really matter what gender is on the cover.

  • This shows that the audience does not care about the persons ethnicity.

  • I am again very pleased with these results as writing appeals to the older audience, but pictures appeal to the younger audience so using both appeals to our target audience which is 15-25.



Textual Analysis


In this presentation, we talk about three different clips in which we analyse and evaluate the conventions used and how it could be useful in our scenes. In these video clips, we assess how the director uses certain specifics and camerawork in order to portray a certain tone.


Good textual analysis of some of the narrative conventions in zombie films. Don’t forget though, you need to analyse at least a couple of opening sequences, because that is the specific production you are going to make. You need to see how the films typically start, the typical shots, what happens to the characters, typical music etc…

Survey Monkey

We made out questionnaire on Survey Monkey, this allowed us to put it onto websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the results I have analysed include the results we got from our survey monkey questionnaire as well as the paper questionnaire we handed out, this allowed us to get a range of results from different groups of people instead of just the people in our school.


I’m going to need a detailed evaluation of these online survey results Ellen, much like you did with the excellent questionnaire evaluation in the previous post. Did you do a focus group too?

Representation Theory

Researching audience, genre and narrative theory I realised how much this had benefitted me to making my magazine print successful and effective. For example, I know how to make the audience clear, and what features I need to include for my magazine to attract the audience, also, how to make my magazine have a particular genre type. These theories have made it clearer to me of how to make my work. Therefore, I thought researching representation theory would give my confidence to make the magazine even better and reliable.

Below is a slideshare including information about representation theory, with additional information about what I have found.