Poster Textual Analysis 2

red balloon

  • Centrally composed
  • Black and red colour scheme
  • Little girl, represents innocence and purity
  • The red hearts on her pyjamas look like blood foreshadowing that she’ll be involved in some sort of violence
  • Black is used to represent darkness and evil things
  • Red  symbolises danger, blood and violence
  • Children are vulnerable making the audience feel sorry if anything happens to her
  • Little girls are usually seen as the symbol of innocence so if she was to do something evil it would be twice as shocking, also kids are gullible making her even more prone to danger
  • The font is blurred out making it unsettling for the audience
  • The shadow on her face connotes that she has a conflict between good and evil as her brother is the antagonist of the film and she lets him do bad things because she loves him

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