perliminary taskFinal magazine

This is my preliminary front cover and my final front cover. These are the mastheads I chose to use; they are very different in terms of appearance and layout. The masthead for my preliminary is quite basic, the wording is bold and looks quite professional and effective, however looking at the other masthead on my final piece you can see an obvious improvement, you will see that the font is more quirky and fun, it also overlaps the background and is slanted which shows the informality of the magazine which is a good element to have in terms of reaching my target audience. The fun font and informal element relates to the teenage target audience I am aiming for. My masthead is slightly more to the left off the page, this is too balance it out with the main image which is more to the right, and this makes the page look full and more interesting. The font for my preliminary was just a standard font from the Microsoft word program however for my main task I research into different fonts using until I found one I was happy with. I chose this certain font as it looked very effective and fun and I think it would suit the stereotype of a pop genre magazine well. For the font I decided to use normal black on a brightly coloured background this is because it made the font stand out without being too colourful and tacky. The actual name of the magazine ‘LISTEN!’ is quite demand and draws in the audience as it is direct address to them this makes them feel comfortable and makes them want to read the magazine.

Contents page

The layout between both the preliminary task and my final contents page are quite similar. There are elements I used for my preliminary that I really liked so I used for my final piece but then there was other parts that didn’t work as well which I needed to improve, for example the colour scheme in the preliminary task follows the house colours of the school but looks very boring and it loses the effect, therefore for my final contents page I decided to use bright colours to make it stand out and look intriguing to my audience. The use of images was also very slight in my preliminary task, I used some images including an image of the front page and an image of the cup that the school had won, however although these did look quite professional and formal, it still looked boring so this was something I needed to think about when creating my final magazine. I used a variety of different images for my final contents page, I really like the idea of having a picture of the front page with arrows pointing to the page numbers so I used this element again in my main task. The images on my main task are so much more effective and interesting and really brighten up the page as they look really professional. The layout5 of my preliminary was very organised and structured but after looking at other contents pages I decided that again it was effective enough and definitely would be too boring for the target audience for my pop magazine. I improved the layout by making the tile of the contents page again more quirky sticking to the same font as the front page as I really liked and thought it would be intriguing to my target audience. I also clumped the letters up in an abnormal way in the right hand corner to fill space and make it look for effective.  By using sub headings at the side it makes it easier to locate the contents but also gave me the opportunity to make the contents page more interesting and appealing to my target audience for example a heading it ‘we ❤ boys’ which will appeal to my target audience as they will at the age where they are getting with boys and learning new things about them , the text heart also relates to the age group I am aiming for and makes them feel comfortable.

Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?


Question 6: what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I used a range of different technologies to create my magazine. The technology I used included:

Samsung galaxy s4 16mp camera – to take the photos I just used my phone as I was able to use this at any time without having permission to borrow it. It also has a really good quality camera and a range of features which would help with the colouring and to make the pictures even better quality. It has a 8x optical zoom which was good when shooting different shots e.g. Close ups and an effective focus which made the photos look more professional.

Computer – I used a computer to load my photos onto, I did this by emailing the picture that I had taken from my phone to my email which I then logged onto on the computer and loaded onto my files. I then looked through them on media player and chose the ones I wanted to use. I then used PowerPoint to enrich the colours and remove the backgrounds from some of the pictures. PowerPoint is a very easy programme to use however I had not used this to edit photos before so that was something I need to look into and learn which was quite challenging.

Programmes – I used programmes like prezi to exhibit my work and research, I used this programme as it is an effect way to present information as it has lots of different features and themes. I also used slide share for the same reasons. It was very different to prezi but present my research and evaluation in a more exciting and professional way then a word documents.

Question 5: How did you attract/address your target audience?

Final magazinefinal contents 1final double page spread



Front cover

As my target audience are part of a mainstream audience they are attracted to the stereotypical elements which I have included. This includes fashion, the latest trends, the newest celeb gossip, competitions and prizes. I have sown this on the front cover by having a white box background with bold black writing that stands out so it will attract the reader’s attention I have also used thumbnail images of some of the fashion that will feature inside.

The masthead listen is effective as it is almost a command or instruction. It draws in the reader in a direct manor and also relates back to the music element. The direct speech towards the target audience draws them in to feel the magazine is almost speaking to them which engage them to have a look which attracts them to all the other pulling techniques to encourage them to read it. They would then see the big highlighted banner promoting jess havens, which engages them to read about the newest hottest artist around. The quote ‘everything I do I do to be the best’ also draws them in to read and find out what it is she does, and how she became famous. This element only gives them a very brief snippet of who jess is but also gives them enough to draw them in and make them want to read more about her. It also features thumbnails of other celebrities, the majority I have made up myself but one I used a small image of Justin Bieber. The celebrities I made up myself are girls which show the girl dominance and relates to my target audience however by features Justin Bieber this would draw the audience in more! He is currently the most famous teenage artist in the world and has also been voted sexiest male at this year’s TCA’s which means he is a very popular artist to feature.

The colour scheme I have used it bright, eye popping colours. I have used a bright blue, water look background, with white and pink which contrasts but makes each other stand out so well. For the head mast I have used a bright yellow which again contrasts with the blue making it so eye catching and effective. These colours attract my target audience as they are really effective and eye catching but at the same time would appeal more to a female audience than a male, because of the dominance of feminine colours.

contents page

my contents page contains a big central image of jess as she is the main story in this magazine. The front cover image is of her laughing but this one is a more serious image as she has her game face on showing how serious she is about her music and intrigues people to turn to her double page spread to read more about her. It also has a smaller thumbnail image of her in a different outfit and looking more professional. This again will draw the audience in to want to read her article. The heading on my contents page are also a big part of drawing in my target audience. The first one is ‘gossip’ this instantly attract the audience as they would want to know the latest gossip and scoops on the celebrities features, also ‘we ❤ boys’, every teenage girl will start getting into boys and want to know more about them and what they like and so in so this heading draws them in to find that out and make them want to read it, the heading also has a symbol heart instead of the word love which is quite slang and would be the way a teenage would type a heart so it makes them feel like the magazine relates to them. Then there is regular, which features elements that are in every issue for regular readers just so they are aware of what page to look on.

The colour scheme of the contents page is very similar to the front page as I wanted it to stick to a theme. The back ground is mostly white, I did this so the black, yellow and pink would stand out well in front of it and also because jess is wearing very colourful clothing and did not want it to clash with a background colour, the contents page features enough content for it to look full without being cluttered so a background colour didn’t seem entirely essential. This colour scheme attracts the audience in as females tend to like colours such as pink, yellow and white. The font used on this page is the same as the mast head, I used this because it’s a fun effective font and would be appealing to my target audience. I have used an image of the front cover with various arrows coming off it pointing to the page numbers so you could find something you wanted to read that was featured on the front page easily.

double page spread

straight away in bold big font there is a pull quote of jess saying she has never had a boyfriend this would be something the audience would look at first and then want to read to find out why she hasn’t. she is famous, has earned a lot of money and is a very beautiful influential girl so why hasn’t she had a boyfriend? These questions will go through the readers head and only the article can answer them. The images of jess are her wearing a different outfit to the ones previously used. This is to show the 2 sides of her. In the images featured on the front cover and contents page she is wearing bright fun and quirky clothing and is having fun in her photo shoot, where is this one she is wearing a leather jacket and has had all of her hair and make up done this shows the serious and professional side to her. The bottom right image is a cheeky looking image which shows that she has secrets which would attract the audience in to read what they are. This appeals to my audience as stereotypically they like gossip and reading about influential artists.




Social groups are often looked at as stereotypes through media, no matter if it’s TV, radio, film or in these particular case magazines. In the magazine I created I used the same social group as magazines such as ‘Smash Hits’, ‘Top of the pops’ and ‘Bliss’ . The Pictures below are of these magazine examples, their content is extremely similar and I will use these pictures to overview this.

I thought about the role of woman in the media when creating my magazine. Arianna’s positioning in the first picture is very girly and eye catching. She is sat down leaning her head on her hand and smiling which is very natural and relaxed which makes the reader feel more comfortable and engaged. Although Arianna’s face is not directly pointing at the camera she still looks into the camera to the audience which engages them further. The direct eye contact makes her come across as subtly seductive as she is being presented as an innocent teen but also adds the sex appeal to attract readers. This applies for all 3 examples I have shown. The same element applies to whoever is on the Cover.Justin Bieber in the second example again looks relaxed and natural but again is directly addressing the camera giving the audience eye contact, this allows the audience to feel more relaxed and comfortable but at the same time engages them to read the magazine.

The image of Arianna has a vibe of fun and playfulness to it as well as making her stand out. She is wearing an almost dress up tutu and is sitting in a hanging chair which shows the fun around the shoot. She is also very closed in which makes her face in general stand out more the reader as she directly addresses them. Arianna is smiling in this picture which gives a friendly and welcoming feel to the audience. This shoot is appropriately revealing as Arianna’s legs are showing, this represents woman as sexual influences and supports that female celebrities are there to be exploited. Although Arianna is showing a lot of skin she is showing it appropriately to fit with the target audience also.

In the image of Justin he has his hand just naturally sitting on his chest and is giving a small but cheeky little smile which would immediately focus the audience’s attention onto him. His smile gives again a friendly vibe but at the same time the cheekiness of it gives the sex appeal and engagement to attract the audience. The shot Justin is an eye line mid shot, although he is not facing directly into the camera, his eye line is still level with the audience. This would be the shot you would see if you were personally standing and talking to the celebrity themselves which makes it more natural and comfortable for the reader. The image on the double page spread of Cher is also an eye ling shot and is used for the same reasoning however her shot is very posed and silly but at the same time this shows her personality and yet her eyes are still on eye line level which will engage the audience again. The lighting is very similar in all 3 photos. They all seem to have been shot in a studio and all the lighting is correctly positioned to highlight their faces.

This is so the audience can focus on the main image and show the perfection of the celebrity which will intrigue aspirers and the audience to buy the magazine. Another lighting element is in Arianna’s shot. The lighting seems to be positioned to highlight not only her face but also her legs, I can see this by the reflection off them and how much they glow, this is the revealing part of the image which immediately diverts the reader’s attention and shows her sex appeal. The lighting again is focused on Cher’s face, she has her hand in front of her mouth as if she’s gasping at something, the lighting highlights this and readers will be directed to look at this, this pose shows her fun side and makes the audience feel more involved and comfortable and almost like they can relate to her. Cher is wearing very casual but very fashionable clothing, she has humbug style jeans on which a contrasting electric blue top. The skinny jeans show off her long thin legs and the top is cropped which shows some of her stomach which is her sex appeal element. The subtly refers to the provocative side of the celebrities and represents woman as sexual objects.

On the magazine cover that I have created I represented woman in a very subtly sexual way by making them seem innocent and fun but at the same time engaging. However I never used an eye line shot for my front cover, this is because I felt the colors and the positioning of my main celebrity showed her personality and the fun side to it which would make the audience feels more comfortable but that leaves a mystery. My artist on the cover is a new artist so the image engages the readers to find out what she’s likes why she’s laughing and why she is so happy. On my double page spread my model is seen using direct eye line to the reader as this will engage them further as they turn the page and see her. In this shot she doesn’t look as happy but looks natural which brings the comfort atmosphere again and makes the reader want to know more about her. The blank look on her face suggest the scandalous side to the magazine which makes the audience want to buy it and find out more.

Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?