Evaluatuion 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progession from it to full product?

Mast Head

pre title

front title

The mast head on my preliminary task was in a bubbly font, which I did stull use on my magazine, however I did not think it was suitable for my main magazines mast head. I chose a bold and modern font for my magazine, I decided to do this because by having the bold font it looked more modern and attracted peoples attention to look at it. The layout I used for my preliminary I think was not suitable for my main magazine. This was because by having the font bold and going across the whole page, it made my magazine fit into the market that I put it in. The colour I used for my mast head is white on both. The preliminary mast head is still spread across the page, however the writing is on different levels. This is because the actual name of the preliminary magazines name is a lot longer than my main magazine, however if I decided to have a longer name for my main magazine because this layout did not look professional or suitable for my target audience.

Front Cover Image

imageee      jrodan

On my magazines front cover, my model is posing for the picture with her hands pulling down on her jacket. Where as in my preliminary magazine the image is candid and there is nothing professional about it. It is a very natural image, so I decided that I wanted my model to posing in my magazine because after looking at the preliminary image, I did not think it looked very professional. As you can see on my main magazine there is not a lot going on, the page is fairly spaced out and there is not too much going on that may put the reader off. It does not look very professional for my target audience but since it is aimed at a school audience ranging from 11-18, this would suit them.

Contents Page

contents contents pre

My contents page are nothing alike. I created my contents page for my preliminary task based around a younger target audience that are not interested in the things I have included in my main magazine. The page is very plain and has one main image and the Lodge Park logo in the corner. My main magazines layout is also quite plain with one main image. When you look at my main magazine have only included one images, this makes the reader want to read the magazine more because they can see the whole magazine is not text heavy, where as the contents page for my preliminary task is really bare and too spaced out.


Evaluation 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


When I was taking pictures I used a Nikon camera because the quality of it was better than me just using a standard camera. I was able to use it to focus on my model and the main features. I used different settings on the Nikon camera such as how to shoot a portrait of someone as well as how I wold take a close-up of a non-moving images. The camera I was using allowed me to use flash or no flash. I chose not to use the flash for my images because the lights that I was using where already bright enough. I wanted to get lots of different angled images so I did not use a tripod I used it handheld.

Font Space

I used Font space in order for me to create the fonts that I have chosen to out on my magazine. There is a huger variety of different kinds of fonts that I could choose from, however I decided that I wanted to stick to sans-serif fonts because they were the ones that looked most modern.


I used a Toshiba laptop allowing me to upload the images that I was taking of my model. I also used the software downloaded onto the laptop to create my magazine.


I used fireworks because it allowed me to edit my images. When I took pictures I had to remove the background before putting them onto my magazine. I used the magic wand in order for me to remove all of the background because my models hair was straight I found it easy to crop all of the background out of the images.


I used publisher to make my magazine and for me to be able to put everything where I wanted it to be. This allowed me to arrange my magazine in whatever way I wanted to. Using this it also allowed me to re-size images and text making it fit in completely with the page. I did not used font space because it did not look right using fonts of a website so this is another reason I used publisher for the fonts on my double page spread.

Publishing Software

The presentation software that I used is called Prezi and SlideShare. Both of these allowed me to show my research, evaluations and planning. I think that using these made my work look a lot more professional and made it look more interesting rather than just constantly posting information plainly onto wordpress.

Evaluation 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience I have chose for my magazine is the ages 16-30. It is aimed more at the younger generation because they are more interested in fashion and make-up. This is a suitable age range fro my magazine because stereotypically people around the age of 30 don’t have very much time to read magazines. My magazine looks as though it should be aimed at a more advanced target audience because I have used a simple but effective layout and it is not cluttered. Most magazines idolise women so this is why I have chosen to include a pop star who is rising to fame and includes fashion and music. It is more interesting to get involved in the story rather than following the cliché of a standard pop magazine.

Zoe Gray, 20

Zoe is someone that I would aim my magazine at. She is at a mature age an is at the right age to understand the  layout of my magazine. Zoe gave us a lot of feedback about our  normal magazine that we spoke about  in our conversation. She said that our magazine should not be based around just music because it could cause people to get bored of it, Zoe thought it was a good idea for music, fashion and make-up to be included.

I used her advice as Zoe is someone who is included in my target audience and thought adding these in would b extremely important.

Evie Sandal, 17

Evie is someone that my magazine is aimed towards, however she is more aimed towards the younger category. Evie was also included in the questions for my survey. She told me that she would like to see what to wear for different seasons as it is like a fashion update and that is what she likes to see. Evie also said she would like to read about how pop stars keep their figures in good shape and their diet plans. I chose to include things o fashion and make-up because people seem to be mainly interested in this.

Stereotypically, men are not interested in make-up and fashion. I am a lot more familiar with female audiences because of my age and gender, which made it  easier for me to know what should be included in my magazine. Most girls and women from the age of 16-30 will shop in high street shops. My model is dressed in clothes from New Look and Primark which encourages my audience to not think that you need expensive clothes to look good and be fashionable.

Evaluation 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

front cover    nicki-minaj-vibe-magazine-feb-mar-issue

I think that my magazine represents the social groups the read Vibe magazines. My target audience is aimed at an older target audience as this is what I am interested in. By looking at my magazine you can see that some of my magazine mirrors some of the key features on the Vibe front cover. On my magazine I have a bold masthead at the top of my magazine, with my model covering some of it. This will show the audience that I am confident with my magazine. Additionally, the way that my model is standing gives a friendly mode of address, she also looks casual and invites the audience. With the Vibe front cover and mine the model has a similar stance. I went for the same kind of pose because I think that it makes my model look mature rather than childish. My story is written to inform our audience on how this celebrity won her award, because her fans will want to here about here success. My media work shows a strong gender representation. I didn’t want my model to pose in a certain way to look submissive, I wanted her to look innocent and happy. My model is wearing simple, suitable clothing. This shows that not all women are used in magazines for men to look at. Gender stereotyping is big within the media industry, but I decided to make my model look casual so that our audience or anyone who looks at my magazine does not feel as though they need to compare themselves. I chose my model to look simple and natural to represent women who feel as though they need to impress someone or who might compare themselves, this will make our audience want to read our magazine more because she is just a normal natural person, not someone who is idolised or sexy.