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Evaluation Q2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary products?

We have made three products in total, one main (trailer) and two ancillaries (poster and website). Before starting to make any of these, we have done a lot of research into romantic drama genre itself as well as the conventions and features of the products we were making. For example, when creating our products, we have taken inspiration from professional and successful works and applied the features to our own work.


When making our own poster, we have looked at “The Best of Me” film poster. We have created a similar layout, placing the title in the middle, the “based on a novel by…” at the top and the credits at the bottom of the page. “The Best of Me” also had a tag line, revealing something about the film. We have used one of those ourselves and placed it under the title. Similarly to “The Best of Me”, we have used two pictures in the background, one of them being the main one, taking up most of the space and including all three characters in it. The other photo only included the faces of the two male characters, faded out and placed at the top.

best of me posterFINAL POSTER

We believe that we have followed the conventions and created a good promotional package, by ensuring that all of our products match. By this I mean sticking to one colour scheme and using it throughout all three products as well as using the same font. By doing this, it’s clear to see that the work is linked and belongs to one person. If we used different fonts and colours, this could confuse the audience and make the products look unprofessional.

The colours we have chosen are mostly peach and white however some black font was used where relevant. We believe that peach and white are quite romantic, warm and feminine colours, which reach our target audience of teenage and young adult females as well as communicates to the audience that this is a romantic drama genre.

We have used synergy by mentioning that the film is based on a novel by an author, which automatically means that there is a book out as well as the film. Also, when creating the film, this comes with DVDs which would be another method of synergy.

We have made use of 360 degree branding by advertising our products on social networking sites, YouTube as well as creating our own film website. By doing this, we are reaching our target audience, which are teenagers and they’re easiest to reach through internet.

As we have created a film poster, this could be one of the traditional methods of advertising and marketing and could be placed on buses or used as billboards on buildings for people to see. Word of mouth could also be a relevant traditional method of marketing and it would most probably spread the news about the film really fast. There’s also the digital method of marketing, as mentioned above, social networking sites, YouTube, the film website and any other relevant media technologies.

All three of our products communicate the narrative themes of romantic drama. The main theme is love, which is clearly portrayed in the trailer. However, it might confuse the audience a little, because there are romantic moments between the female character and both male characters. It includes all three characters, so the audience get an idea of what they look like which could potentially persuade them more to watch the film. The products also show the obstacles, this being the ‘love triangle’ between two male characters and one female. This is clearly shown in the trailer as well as the poster and the website. The audience then know that there’s something going on between all three of these characters, but they can’t figure out which persuades them to go and watch the movie in cinema or on DVD at a later date.

The actors that we have chosen for our film are brilliant and they portray just what we wanted to show in a romantic drama genre. First of all, they’re all teenagers which makes it relatable for our audience, as they might be in a similar situation, experiencing their first love and getting attention from the opposite sexes. Their acting is very professional, considering some of them have never done drama. In the trailer as well as the other two ancillary products, the characters reveal bits from the film but don’t give too much away so it keeps the audience engaged and curious. For example, on the poster, the picture reveals Amy and Dylan standing together and laughing but also includes Jason, who is looking at them from a distance. This creates mystery, as the audience don’t know what this means, especially if the poster is the first thing they see, before watching the trailer. We have thought this true and wanted to create this effect to persuade the audience to look at the trailer and then possibly go and watch the whole film. The trailer also ends in a confusing way, however, this is done to prevent giving away the ending and revealing that Jason has died and him and Amy walking together at the end of the trailer is just a memory. The actors suit the role perfectly and would persuade the audience to go and watch the film, especially those who we have targeted, which are teenagers and young adults.

clara conor george clara george conor clara hug conor george george claracon cla

Overall, we are happy with our final products and we believe that they have achieved what we wanted, which is to portray the romantic drama genre, aiming it at teenagers and young adults. One of the major successes was picking the right actors for this genre. They have all played a brilliant role in helping us achieve our goal during this project. The marketing we have done for our film is also successful, reaching our target audience. We believe that the final pieces look quite professional and would work as a promotional package and persuade people to go and watch the film.


Last week, we have started filming our footage. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to take the filming equipment out of school by ourselves, we had to get a supervisor to be with us during filming. Instead of filming on Thursday (which was the initial plan), we have changed the date to the next day which was Friday, 12th of December. We have reserved our school’s mini bus and a driver, who was also our supervisor, drove to the park, where we have filmed most of our outdoor scenes.

We only had two actors with us, as George wasn’t able to go out and shoot with us on Friday, therefore we will need a couple more trips to film the rest of the outdoor footage. Then, we are planning to move onto the next setting, which will be Hannah’s house.

The rest of the footage will have to be filmed after Christmas, as (as I said above) we’re not allowed to take the footage out of school without supervision and no one will be available during the holiday period.

Drafting the poster

For the past couple of days, I have been making our ancillary product, which is a romantic drama poster. I have took “The best of me” poster as inspiration and have tried including the features from the real poster on my own. Below is “The best of me” poster that I’ve looked at:

best of me poster

My poster, however, isn’t finished yet as I don’t have the real pictures of our actors that we’re planning to use. I’ve added all the features of a poster and after we have gathered our actors together to shoot the photos, they will have to be edited onto a background that we’re wanting to use and then inserted into the poster. For now, this is what the poster looks like:

my poster

Now, I will show certain features from “The best of me” poster and my poster.

1. “Based upon the novel…”

novel1 novel2

The first picture is taken from “The best of me” poster and the second one is from my own poster. I think that mentioning that the trailer/film is based on a novel will attract a wider audience, especially readers.

2. The title

title1 title2

3. Quote

quote1 quote2

4. Actors

actors1 actors2

I have used red colour for the actors’ names because the background pictures are not the ones that we will be using and white font wasn’t very visible.

5. Pictures

picture1 picture11

picture2 picture22

The two bottom pictures are from my poster draft, however, they’re not the ones we’re using. We will be shooting pictures with our actors, but want our pictures to look similar to the ones from “The best of me” poster as they look very professional and they have a visible background, which is something I want to create in the final romantic drama poster.

6. Billing block

billingblock1 billingblock2

Again, I have used a red font for the billing block because it wasn’t very visible on the current background. However, the font will be changed to white after I edit the pictures and insert them into the poster.