Evaluation 4

I used Pinterest for evaluation 4, because this was a unique piece of software that allowed me to combine images and text well – with this being especially useful for this evaluation – as I could clearly evidence the variety of new media technology that I have used throughout my A2 project.

Here is the link to my Evaluation 4 on my Pinterest Board:


Evaluation 3

I used Weebly in order to create Evaluation 3, because this is another piece of blogging software alike WordPress. This software is effective because it presents the information well and it is very simple to use. The benefits of Weebly are the fact that it is similar to WordPress, and it was a simple task to combine my chosen text and images for the question.


Here is my Weebly Blog for Evaluation 3:


Evaluation 2

I created my evaluation 2 by using Google Slides, a presentation software that I had never previously used. This was hugely helpful to use because of the fact that it was very similar to SlideShare, though it provided me with the opportunity to enhance my skills of using new presentation software.


Here is my Evaluation 2:


Evaluation 1

I decided to create my evaluation 1 within Microsoft Word, though I tried to be innovative by saving the pages as images and thus this made use of new media technology. I split the categories into the 5 sections for the first part of this evaluation, with these sections being:

– Logo
– Colour Scheme
– Conventional Layout
– Layout and Web 2.0
– Typography

Here are the images of comparison that I made for our main product of a website:

e1a e1b e1c e1d

For the next part of this evaluation, I took a variety of images from our products, and then compared them with images that we analysed within our textual analysis. I put the images into a collage and gave each image a number, so that I could analyse the images within a separate SlideShare.

Here are the images that I analysed:

Evaluation1 Evaluation1b Evaluation1c

Here is the analysis of these images: