Evaluation Q4 & 5

Question: “  Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for my film has originally intended to be Teenagers and young adults, because I am most familiar with their expectations. I tried to make my film flow smoothly into the action packed second half, which is specifically targeted towards my target audience. However, the film is also intended for anyone who enjoys Post-Apocalyptic fiction similar to ‘Fallout’, to suit this I went through a great deal of effort in finding a location for my film, one which would look abandoned and in ruins which isn’t that easy to find in a town where abandoned sites are knocked down and replaced with housing estates on daily basis, I have had at least two previous filming sites either blocked off, or knocked down and being turned into a building site.

As for my audience, I tried to make the film action packed, while still not over-doing it for a Opening sequence, the result is somewhat along the lines of what I imagined, but it still had room for improvement.

(Also answered how I attracted my target audience, thus this also answers question 5)


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