Question 4

The main target audience for our opening sequence is 15+ to mid-twenties this is because we feel that this is the audience that predominantly watches horror films, we fell that this is the target audience because they are in the cinema/film era where they watch films on a regular basis that if they get spare money they would buy a film or go to the cinema and spend money , we also feel like our film is open to male and female even though we only portray males throughout , we still believe from research females will enjoy the horror aspect. Also from the research we took out we know that horror is an area that has a large mass market.

During our research we had to look at The Woman In Black because we this had a mass audience and that is what we are hoping to achieve so this is why we used this film as our main basis.

The Woman In Black predominantly uses jump scares and we felt like this is key to gripping the audience in, so we used this effect as we feel it is the best way to achieve the mass audience.

We think that the main aim for our production was to use our knowledge of our target audience to really attract the production towards the target market as we have aimed our film at the correct target market. Referring to how James Watkins filmed The Woman in black and including this within our production should hook the audience in.


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