Evaluation- Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During the process of creating my product I used several types of technology and software. The software I mainly used was Prezi and Fireworks. Prezi is a very intricate and exciting way to make power point presentations. It’s very creative as it allows you to create a power point with images and text combined together with different paths of looking at them. When moving onto the next slide, it zooms out then slides across and zooms back in which is quite a fun, exciting and new way of creating and presenting work. When I had got the images I needed for my magazine, I used Fireworks to edit the image. Although complicated, Fireworks is a very intelligent piece of software as it lets you completely change colour of an image or helps you remove things on an image in order to make it exactly how you want it. Once I had completed a piece of work I would upload it onto a blog I created on a website called WordPress.com which is a way of uploading work so that others can see. This can be very beneficial as you can look at other peoples work and perhaps gain some ideas for your product. All of the coursework I have done is all put onto WordPress. Also, I frequently used a Programme called Slide Share which is an effective way of putting a whole PowerPoint presentation onto WordPress for others to see. It works very well when embedded with WordPress because you just have to click one button which is ‘start slideshow’ and it’s there and ready to go rather than having to go through effort to open up an actual powerpoint.


The technology that I used was what the school provided; this was one of the HD Nikon 3100 cameras provided for me to use to take photos for my magazine cover. The advantages of using such a high quality camera is that it gives me a cinematic, professional image which gives an advantage and a big step towards making my product look as professional as possible. It also has great effects to ensure that the main focus on my image is my chosen model and it blurs out the background or any other object which may be distracting attention away from my model.


Also, when given the camera to shoot my photo, I was provided with professional TV lights which give me a clearer image as it brightens up the room in order to make the image clearer and make it look more professional. On the lights you can adjust the brightness and even put in a coloured filter to ensure I get the right brightness and colour I needed to capture the right image.


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