Evaluation – Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

  • In general, I think that I have stuck to typical stereotypes of a pop magazine. First of all, I think my model has been represented in a normal, warming way, which is good to have in a pop magazine as my audience can relate to my model. The general view of my magazine looks stereotypically ‘young’, bold, colourful and bubbly. I have used different fonts and colours which reasonably feminine looking, this should attract a young teenage audience, whom are my intended audience.
  • Setting– As I was making my magazine, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to have a background/setting as generally speaking most pop magazines have a main image with no background. I focused more on the equipment and quality of my camera. So I decided to just shoot my photos with plain white background, I used this cause if I used a bright colour with a dark background, it wouldn’t bring out the brightness of the image I need.
  • Lighting- I felt this was important for my magazine as I was doing the summer edition so I decided to use bright lighting; this reflected well off the white background which brought out the face of my model. I intended to do this as my model is the focus point of my magazine and this is the first thing you see as an audience, so my intended audience could engage straight away with my magazine. If I used dark lighting it would look out of place as my magazine is summer, so stereotypically speaking you associate the words bright and happy.
  • Costume– I felt using a mainstream high store dress wouldn’t be suitable for my magazine, so my model was just wearing a flowery dress from H&M. I felt this was key as my audience may want to follow the dress sense of my model. The whole point of my outfit was to scream ‘Mainstream’ as my intended target audience is in this category. The use of the colour also matches my style of summer.
  • Facial Expression/Body Language– The model of my front cover has a relaxed facial expression, which is not too serious as I wanted to show the warmth personality of my model, to attract my audience. The body language is simple and just a steady stance. With using a simple facial expression it won’t give my audience any negative connotations. For example, if I used a smirk, this could be taken in a sexual way and I didn’t want to give that vibe of my magazine. I wanted my audience to look at my magazine and know instantly it’s a pop magazine.
  •  Props– I didn’t use many props for the photo shoot as I wanted to purely focus on my model, because if I used a lot of props it would take away some of focus of my model. However in my other pages I used a clapper board to create a sense of popularity and create a movie feel to intensify the popularity to the audience to make them feel she is become a world star, but I felt on the front cover it was not needed.
  • Hair/ Make up– I decided to have my artist wear light facial make up, as it would be a contrast and bring her features out. With the bright lighting it brought out the face of my model and worked well. I was very pleased how much the lightening reflected well with the make-up of my model.
  • My camerawork was simple and straight on but I used different angles further in my magazine so it didn’t look repetitive. I used a medium close up on my double page spread as I wanted to make the audience feel close and feel the personality of my model, whereas the front cover image I wanted to show the look/style of my model as this is what teenage girls will analysis instantly is the looks and fashion.

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