Evaluation – Question 1

  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • My masthead for my magazine succeeds my audience expectations of a music magazine; it has the typical top left hand corner positioning. The position of your masthead is important as it allows it to be seen more clearly and easily, this is crucial for a new magazine. When naming my magazine I wanted to keep it simple and bold at the same time as its simplicity makes it stand out.  In slang terms the words “Scenes” means when something is shocking and surprising, so I wanted it to be both of them meanings to describe my magazine. It also links in with a younger audience in which is my target audience as these will know the meaning of the word and straight away will know it’s aimed at them.
  • I am looking at the front cover of my magazine for the mise-en-scene of the images. Firstly, looking at my main image, the clothing my model is wearing are very summery. I then made it brighter lighting and wanted my model’s face to be lit up; with this look it would make it look bright, colourful and will also make it look like a happy image. This look would fit in with my edition of the magazine which was summer. Typical pop magazines main images are model shoot like, they usually have no props and just look in to the camera, so I wanted to follow this convention in my magazine. As my target audience is young female girls, mostly it would be a male main image as this is what would attract them, but I went against that and used a female in order to perhaps attract males as well, however it isn’t necessarily my target audience, just a thought. My smaller image is a little teaser which the audience will see that it is an interview and would want to know what is being said. All my photos are taken indoor which allowed me to adjust the camera lighting which was a good thing. However, I would have liked to have taken my images outside in the sun to get a more natural, summer feel to the image, but when I came to take my photo the weather outside was dull so this was not possible.
  • My main model throughout the magazine wore the same summer dress as I wanted to keep this style as it is Summer also its a pop magazine, so if I changed her clothing throughout the magazine it could of been mistaking for a clothing magazine. I only used one prop throughout my images and it was a ‘clapper board’. I used this as I thought it would create a kind of movie feel to maybe exaggerate the publicity my model was getting in the media. All costumes used in my images fit in with the genre of my magazine, as they look mainstream and not different which is usually the case in pop magazines.
  • The people used in my magazine are all young and similar ages as I felt like my target audience would be attracted to these. I believe the people I used in my magazine easily show who my intended target audience is. Many pop magazines would use a lot of male images as this is what initially attracts the intended target audience, I went against this convention and used a female, and this shows I’m confident in my magazine. This could also attract feminist who believe females should be on the front as much as males.
  • The title font and style of my magazine is simple and enthusiastic. It is very attractive for the audience as the fonts are very bold and colourful. Although mine is a summer edition, it is still a pop magazine so I wanted to keep it bold, colourful so keeping it a colour scheme would then show the audience the edition of my magazine. I used plenty of different fonts to keep it interesting and not make my page look repetitive. For example, on the front cover I used different fonts and colour style on my cover lines making all of them stand out in their own way. From a visual perspective I found this looked more exciting and fun.
  • The written content of my magazine consists of a feature article, which includes an interview with the model from my main image on the front cover. The interview is done informally which is stereotypical to see in a pop magazine as this is how the intended target audience would prefer to read it. I wanted to make it chatty and free flowing so the questions I asked I wanted to keep it in a chronological order making it more of a story, I wanted to do this because the main topic of the interview is to reflect on the past year of the artists life and where they would like to go with their life now.  As they are an upcoming artist I believed it should be more of finding out about the artist and what this artist can bring to the pop industry. But keeping it chatty brings out the personality of the artist and this is would begin a connection between audience and artist.
  • I think my magazine represents the pop theme throughout the design of my magazine. When my target audience reads my magazine they will know straight away it’s a pop magazine as the content on my front cover follows the typical conventions of a typical pop magazine. I have included the typical layout, variety of fonts, colourful, compact design this is what the typical pop magazine all have. I have also used stories from the current pop industry which will automatically catch the audience’s attention. I tried to use as many mainstream words and features as I could as this is where my intended target audience come from.
  • My layout is very compacted and I have squeezed as much as I can in as this is a typical feature of a pop magazine. I used a central image and cover line in appropriate places of a pop magazine. In my contents page all features are listed clearly with numbers, I also shoved as much as I can in to these pages. Then going on to my double page spread I used a pull quote in big font, stretching across the whole page. Again I used more images of the artist on my front cover as she is the focus point of my magazine. I also repeated the title of the magazine in the top left corner, in the same font and colour as the one of the front cover as I wanted to keep a house style throughout my magazine as this is very important.
  • My contents page is one that would be typical of a pop magazine, due to the colours used and also the different features which are included in my magazine. Using images on my contents page makes it look more attractive. The presentation is neat and tidy, and I have decided to show the features in a box with a triangle at the end with page numbers included, this emphasises the features of the magazines so you know where to go easily to find them. The contents page needs to be easy to follow as this is where you go to find a certain page you want.

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