Evaluation 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


When I was taking pictures I used a Nikon camera because the quality of it was better than me just using a standard camera. I was able to use it to focus on my model and the main features. I used different settings on the Nikon camera such as how to shoot a portrait of someone as well as how I wold take a close-up of a non-moving images. The camera I was using allowed me to use flash or no flash. I chose not to use the flash for my images because the lights that I was using where already bright enough. I wanted to get lots of different angled images so I did not use a tripod I used it handheld.

Font Space

I used Font space in order for me to create the fonts that I have chosen to out on my magazine. There is a huger variety of different kinds of fonts that I could choose from, however I decided that I wanted to stick to sans-serif fonts because they were the ones that looked most modern.


I used a Toshiba laptop allowing me to upload the images that I was taking of my model. I also used the software downloaded onto the laptop to create my magazine.


I used fireworks because it allowed me to edit my images. When I took pictures I had to remove the background before putting them onto my magazine. I used the magic wand in order for me to remove all of the background because my models hair was straight I found it easy to crop all of the background out of the images.


I used publisher to make my magazine and for me to be able to put everything where I wanted it to be. This allowed me to arrange my magazine in whatever way I wanted to. Using this it also allowed me to re-size images and text making it fit in completely with the page. I did not used font space because it did not look right using fonts of a website so this is another reason I used publisher for the fonts on my double page spread.

Publishing Software

The presentation software that I used is called Prezi and SlideShare. Both of these allowed me to show my research, evaluations and planning. I think that using these made my work look a lot more professional and made it look more interesting rather than just constantly posting information plainly onto wordpress.


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