Evaluation- Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  • I think my magazine represents similar social groups to magazines like ‘We Love Pop’ and ‘Top of the Pops’. I believe this as my conventions used on my magazine such as cover lines, masthead etc resemble those found in the current pop magazines out today. Using resembling ones is what attracts my young female audience. I thoroughly thought about how women should be portrayed in my magazine, as other magazines portray women as sexy and sophisticated. This is the opposite of what I wanted to do as I wanted to show personality through my main image.

Adele Frontquestion 2 (1)question 2 (2)

  • The photograph of my model is portrayed in a similar camera shot to the other magazines; I went against a happy facial expression as I wanted to keep to the theme of my magazine; which is Halloween. By a neutral facial expression, it shows that the artist is serious about their music and also their fans. I feel like my image could have been a bit more zoomed in but the fact I used a high end camera it brought out everything on my model. Not using any props attract my target audience as you can see from the other two magazines they do not use props so I’m glad I went along with this convention. Not using props simply focuses on my model which is what I intended to do. The lightening I used blended well with my model as you can see on the Rihanna image there is light glimmering off her face, the dark, focused lightening I used absorbed my really well and brought out her face well. This attracts the audience instantly as you look straight at the model and are interested.
  • Similar to the Jessie J, my model is wearing a black formal dress which I think stands out over the grey background of my magazine also is a colour linked with the theme of my magazine. I also felt like a dress is appropriate as its not showing too much flesh, this is vital in a pop magazine as the people on the front cover are role models to the reading audience. As you can see across the three images above is differences, which is good as it will attract a range of people, for example the clothing of each artist is different and suits a range of peoples dress sense.

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