Evaluation 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


When taking the picture is used a Nikon camera because the quality of it was better than using a standard camera. I managed to use it to focus on the main feature I wanted on my model, as well as have the right settings on the camera. I used different settings on the camera such as how to shoot a portrait of someone as well as how I would take a close-up of a non-moving image. The camera allowed me to use a flash and no flash, I decided not to use a flash because the lights that I was using were already extremely bright and made my models face light up along with her main features. I did not use a tripod for the camera because I wanted to get lots of different angles, so I used it handheld.

This is the camera that I used, it is called the Nikon DSLR.

I used a standard Toshiba laptop allowing me to upload all of the images that I took. I also used the software downloaded onto the laptop to create my magazine.

I used publisher to make my magazine and put everything where it needed to be. This allowed me to arrange my magazine in however I wanted to. It allowed me to re-size images and text size making it fit on completely with the page. Publisher also allowed me to include the text on my double page spread. I did not use font space as it would have not looked correct using fonts off of a website, which is why I used a publisher font and made the text go into columns.

Font Space
I used font space in order for me to create the fonts that I wanted to go on my magazine. There were a large variety of different fonts that I could have used, however I decided that I wanted to stick to sans-serif fonts because they were the ones that looked most modern.

I used fireworks because it allowed me to edit my images. When I took the pictures I had to remove the white background for me to post them on my magazine. I used the magic wand tool to allow me to remove this background. When I was doing this, parts of the models hair was being cropped out, this then meant I had to use a tool in order for me to match her hair colour and try and redraw her hair on to it in order for it to look correct.

Publishing Software
The presentation software that I used was SlideShare and Prezi. These allowed me to show my research, planning and evaluations. It looks more professional rather than having to post my information plainly onto a wordpress post. It shows my creativity through the use of presentation software.


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