Draft (Cover)


For the masthead I decided on ‘Aspire’ because it connected with my audience which were aspirers according to the demographic profiling, I will be making the masthead on fireworks so that it looks original which helps connect with the audience that are free spirited. It also allowed me to have a little play on words with the small tag line ‘To aspire you need someone to inspire’; the tag line works because role models inspire and pop artists (especially ones in magazines) are all role models because they influence young audiences.

The main image will be of me posing as a pop artist and will make up most of the front cover, this is because it follows how other pop magazines have their main images plus it is the main article meaning that it is the most important so by having it larger than the rest the audience knows that instantly. The strapline will be ‘Young, Solo, New’ this is because it explains who the pop artist is but it also explains the audience helping the magazine connect with them; it is also short making it effective.

Amongst the things I have already stated I will also be using the typical conventions of a pop magazine such as the date, barcode and magazine number. I will use these to make my magazine look more like a professional magazine.

For the front cover I will include three cover lines this is because the typical pop magazine normally has three or less to show the other articles that the audience will find in the magazine, so by having three cover lines it makes my magazine look more professional. I have chosen to scatter the cover lines across the page, even though it goes against what the typical pop magazine does, because I believe that it helps create an informal format which is very useful for a typical pop magazine. I have also rotated most of the features such as the strapline to make the format seem even more informal which is typical for a pop magazine.


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