Draft (Contents)


For the contents page I decided to have a banner that goes across the top of the page which will include the title ‘contents’ the word contents will be like the masthead because I will be making it as well so that it looks original which would follow the typical pop magazine.

Down the left hand side of the page there will be a section that shows all of the main articles of the magazine and what page they are on. This is because it is a typical feature of a magazine.

Down the right hand side there will be some of the bigger articles and they are separate because they are more important or interesting than the others so they need to stand out because they are potential selling points of the magazine.

In the middle of the contents page there will be a large image of men posing as a pop star and it will take up most of the page because it is the main article of the magazine so by it being in the middle and larger than the other articles it will show it is the most important.

I have also Included an editor’s letter that will be explaining what is in the magazine from their prospective, it will also be signed off from him. This makes the magazine feel more personal to the reader and it is also used a lot by other magazines which makes it look more professional.


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