Evaluation 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

front cover    nicki-minaj-vibe-magazine-feb-mar-issue

I think that my magazine represents the social groups the read Vibe magazines. My target audience is aimed at an older target audience as this is what I am interested in. By looking at my magazine you can see that some of my magazine mirrors some of the key features on the Vibe front cover. On my magazine I have a bold masthead at the top of my magazine, with my model covering some of it. This will show the audience that I am confident with my magazine. Additionally, the way that my model is standing gives a friendly mode of address, she also looks casual and invites the audience. With the Vibe front cover and mine the model has a similar stance. I went for the same kind of pose because I think that it makes my model look mature rather than childish. My story is written to inform our audience on how this celebrity won her award, because her fans will want to here about here success. My media work shows a strong gender representation. I didn’t want my model to pose in a certain way to look submissive, I wanted her to look innocent and happy. My model is wearing simple, suitable clothing. This shows that not all women are used in magazines for men to look at. Gender stereotyping is big within the media industry, but I decided to make my model look casual so that our audience or anyone who looks at my magazine does not feel as though they need to compare themselves. I chose my model to look simple and natural to represent women who feel as though they need to impress someone or who might compare themselves, this will make our audience want to read our magazine more because she is just a normal natural person, not someone who is idolised or sexy.


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