Location Risk Asesment

The location I have chosen is public space, thus I will not need any special permission to film my film, with the exception of calling the police to make sure it is ok for me to use my gun props. While location scouting, I took a few photos to assess the possible safety risks that my location may have…


Firstly, the fact that a part of the filming location is rather littered, with coils of wire laying around which I may need to move aside for the duration of my filming, depending on how I will use this part of the set.


Another issue is that around the mound which will form the bandit camp, the ground is VERY uneven, I will therefore have to warn my actors about it, and try to avoid setting too much action behind this mound.


Considering it is still public land, I will need to be extra careful if the occasional car decides to use this round-about to turn back, hence why I will place filming equipment in parts where they are easy to move off-road.

This concludes the risk assessment, while I’m still typing I wish to wrap up progress on the props, as I have almost all the props I need by now, costumes will be provided by each actor accordingly and I will photograph those once everyone has gathered on the set, I still need to give the police a call, which now that I have a location decided, I will.


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