Evaluation 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for my magazine is for the age between 16-30. It is more so aimed at the younger generation because they are more interested in fashion and make-up. I think that this a suitable age rage for my magazine because people above the age of 30 stereotypically do not have the time to read magazines, where as a younger target audience has more time of their hands and are more able to read into the stories that are included within the magazine. You can tell that my magazine is not targeted towards a younger target audience. This is because I have used a simple but effective layout for my front cover, contents page and double page spread. There is no clutter or mess and it looks like it should be aimed towards a more advanced target audience, rather than just at a typical young girl. I still have decided to mainly stick with a female target audience because most females are stereotypically interested in reading about fashion and make-up, as well as reading into stories about pop stars. Most magazines idolise women who have already made themselves famous, where as I decided it would be a good idea to include stories about not only pop-stars, fashion and music, but also about real life. It is interesting to get involved with the stories that can be put in to magazines and rather than following the cliché of a standard pop magazine, I decided to make my readers and audience more involved.

Adele King, 19.

Adele is someone who I would aim my magazine at. She is young still however is mature enough to understand why my magazine has been laid out in a specific way, rather than just cluttered all over the page. Adele was included in my survey which I included a transcript for. She gave us a lot of feedback based around the magazine that we had in a normal conversation. She said that it was a good idea to not base the magazine around music completely as t may cause people to get bored of reading it, and thought it was a good idea to include stories based around make-up and fashion as a lot of people get their inspirations from reading into different magazines.

I took her advice on board as she is someone who is included within my target audience and felt that it was extremely important for me to include things that she was saying.

Evie Sandall, 17.

Evie is also someone who my magazine would be aimed towards. She is more aimed towards the younger category however. She was also included in the questions in my survey. She told me that she would like to see what to wear for different seasons as it is like a fashion update, as well as it allows you to get new ideas and join in with the latest trends that are going on. She also said that she would like to read about how pop-stars keep their figure and what diets they go on in order to stay healthy. We decided not to include this in our magazine however. This is because I did not want it to be a magazine that girls were fussing over their weights and comparing themselves to what pop-stars looks like as it is not something that I want to encourage. I decided to include things about fashion and make-up however because there may be things that other people are interested in, and it also encourages people to do different things with their clothes and with their make-up that can make them stand out from the crowd.

Stereotypically men are not interested in reading about fashion and make-up and the female audience is something that I am more familiar with because of my age and gender. I thought I would stick to what I know and include different things about stuff that I find interesting and would like to read about, as well as what other people may find interesting.

Most girls and women from the age of 16-30 will shop in high street shops. This is why the clothes that have been used on the model are not overly expensive and are from shops such as New Look and Primark. This encourages the fact that just to look glamorous and to have nice things, you do not have to pay out much. This would encourage women to wear clothes from high street shops and that they don’t have to spend a lot of money to look nice or fashionable.


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