Evaluation 1: In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In my magazine production, I have used, developed and challenged all forms and conventions that a real music magazine would have. My magazine is focused on the rock genre and with this I knew there were plenty of conventions that I could insert along with plenty I could change and alter.

jodie pic
First of all, the name, I came up with the name ‘REVIVE’ as I wanted a one word title (much like the other magazines on the marker) and I also wanted to choose quite a unique and different word, which lead me to REVIVE. My masthead is in the typical place for a magazine, along the top. I chose to do this as I was limited with the space that I did have, so I could not experiment much with the masthead, also, I liked the simplicity with this and how it is a common feature within most magazines in my genre. With this, I chose to put my model over the masthead as I thought this brought authenticity to the magazine. I also chose to do this as my model magazine; “KERRANG!” used this. It was almost a sense of that the viewers of the magazine were so familiar with the name of the magazine, that they didn’t need to see it hence this feature used. I am aware that the title is not as clear and bold as it should be, but I chose to do this to challenge some of the other magazines conventions along with using KERRANG!’s.

I chose to use this dripping font as I thought it looked similar to paint and I wanted a messy and rough connotation to be given from my magazines. In hindsight, I do realise that using this text in red makes it looks like blood, which is something I do not want to be confusing on my magazine. The idea to use this font came from “KERRANG!” magazine. On their magazine, the font they use is smashed glass; this gives a sense of anarchy and roughness, something I wanted to carry over to my production.

The main central image that I used is of a new rising star in the rock genre. I chose to set up this photo as I felt like if I directed her eyesight directly at the viewer’s so that a personal level would be brought to the magazine along with it being quite eye-catching in a shop with the brightness from the red and the model being directly in the middle looking forward clearly. I chose to have the location of the picture in my models room. Although this is not entirely clear, there is some indication of this. I chose to have this as my location as the story of my model is about her rise to fame despite having a hard life and coming from a small town, so by including her in her room, it gives a homely and personal feel to the photo-shoot. On the front covers of my model magazine, KERRANG, they tend to have a quite unique photo-shoot with their stars and normally include props. I chose not to do this as I wanted there to be simplicity to the photo-shoot, almost like you are just finding out about her and nothing else. As the story behind my model is that she rose to fame quickly, I wanted there to be sense of normality to her, so that it literally is a normal woman that has shot to fame, so this is why I have chosen to include her in a fairly normal top as I wanted the normality there. Again, with KERRANG, the outfits that their stars are in, are normally quite extravagant and over the top, but because of my star is just becoming famous, I chose this outfit. I also thought that I was challenging the typical conventions of a rock magazine by including a female on the front. The only time that I seen a female on the front of KERRANG! magazine was when the edition including ‘Paramore’ in it. I wanted to break this limitation by including a female as the primary focus on a magazine. I think with a female on the front of the magazine as well, it makes the mode of address more welcoming and due to her eye contact, it makes it very personal.

The house style of my magazine was something I had to think quite thoroughly about. I wanted my house style to represent my target audience along with it representing my genre and also for it to be laid out well and correctly for all of my pages. I sent out a questionnaire to help me decide a house style and came to the conclusion that I should use a design that included red, black and a little bit of white. I chose these colours as I thought they would be good at highlighting key areas along with representing my genre with the darkness from the black element to it. The black colour was something that was quite common on all other rock genre magazines, so naturally I knew I wanted this implemented into my final design. The genre of my magazine was obviously rock; being a fan of this genre myself I had previous knowledge of the typical conventions on a rock magazine. As previously mentioned, I had to go through a lot of thought before I chose the end house style for my magazine, and once I had chose it and used it, I knew that it was the right choice. Similar to a lot of the professional rock magazines that I studied, I used my colour scheme to my advantage by using the brighter colours to highlight certain important information on the pages.

I chose the double page spread picture based on my target audience. For example, I told my model to lie out her favourite vinyl’s and CD’s and for her to lay over some of them. I did this as I thought again that it would bring a personal level to the picture and to the audience. This way, the audience could see what music the rising star likes. It terms of the language used, I used words such as “hottest” and “rocking” as I knew that this would apply well to my target audience. I also used exclamation marks a lot as I knew this was a common convention that I found amongst the other magazines that I had studied in that particular genre.

Finally, I chose to include a chance for the readers to win a competition to win 4 V.I.P tickets to Download Festival. I chose this as competitions featuring in magazines were a common convention that I had seen a lot before. So adding this added authenticity along with an impression of what the magazine status is, with them being able to offer a prize as expensive as this.


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