After some careful consideration, I finally found which location I wanted to use. The location is a newly made round-about just off the industrial area of my town, which currently leads to nothing but a few roadblocks. There is plans for construction work to take place there, but thus far the builders are busy with an area down one of the roads the round-about will once day link to, which is off in the distance from where I plan to film, thus the building work will not disturb my production.20150426_140651

The man in the photo is my dad, who drove me there to see the location, usually no car ever passes here with the rare exception of someone turning around back to the one road it links to.


This picture is the road back, it remains empty all week round, making my filming schedule flexible.



One side ends in a sort of blockade with a trench, which I think is where I will have the bandits/gang members stationed, as well as offering them cover during the gun fight scene.


(once again, the one stationary car which I arrived here at, do not confused it with traffic)


The fields in all directions are nothing but grass-less dirt and a few scrubby bushes, this seems ideal for my vision of a world permanently scared by nuclear war. The addition of the back side of the viewing seats of the local race track is also great because it means that with some photo-editing magic, I can create an aweing shot of this distant ruin of what was once a well known and often visited place.


The picture above shows the other side of the round-about, the area is blocked off by concrete blocks and a ‘road closed’ sign, while the road is not being actively worked on, this is ideal for my film, because I can add a few props to make this look like a pre-war checkpoint of some sort.


Beyond the blocks is a long stretch of road which bends down the hill then back up on the next hill, As soon as I saw this, I knew I want to have a shot where the protagonist walks down this abandoned road, weapon in hand.


Finally, here is a panorama of the entire filming set, one part is cut off by the end due to the panorama failing to capture the entryway into the round-about, which can be seen in the second picture.

This is the location I decided to go with, I also took pictures of the possible risks there for the risk assessment, so expect that soon, The casting for the production is also nearly done, at this rate I expect to start shooting the scenes this weekend or the following week, depending how long storyboarding takes.


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