Props- The Guns!

With the preparations, I knew from the start I would have guns involved. In a world on anarchy and chaos, each man and woman must have some way to defend themselves, so I proceeded to find a realistic set of prop firearms I could use.

I decided to take a few of my brother’s old Nerf  guns, I decided to spray pain them black, with silver detailing. The first step was to add the base coat of Black.


For a few elements, I knew they would be all silver, so instead of wasting spray paint, I didn’t bother to spray the silver ends with black (As seen on the ‘stock’ in the picture below.


I had to disassemble the larger guns and pain each part separately, with a few breaks to let everything dry off.


I then wrapped some of the black parts of the parts with tape, and spray pained the exposed parts which I wanted to turn silver.


And here is the finished props, four somewhat realistic looking firearms, from simple toy guns. Now my next concern will be to contact the local police to let them know what’s going on, and not have my filming sessions disturbed by Counter-Terrorist Squads.


Now I will focus on the rest of the preparation, I still need to find actors and send them contracts, as well as prepare costumes, find a few filming tutorials as well as carrying safety assessments and finding music. Plenty to be done as the clock still ticks, Expect the next update soon.

EDIT: I contacted  the police, and they refused to let me film in public with these guns, therefore I plan to re-paint them to a blight green, then turn then black again in the editing software.


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