Evaluation 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?


 I believe that my magazine represents the social groups that read Billboard magazine. My target audience was aimed at an older target audience because that is what I am more interested in.As you can see, my magazine mirrors some of the key features on these two magazines. I have the bold mast head on the top of the magazine, with my model covering the majority of what is there. This shows I am confident with my magazine. Additionally my title is not over the top and too in your face, much like Billboards. It is a simple white colour in a bold font that stands out on the background.

Moreover, my model is in a stance that I would say makes her look very feminine, as she has her hands on her hips, as well as happy and innocent. The model on the first Billboard magazine has the same stance but is facing forward. I mirrored this idea because I did not want my model to look childish. They are however different. Taylor Swift looks like a strong woman in her image, as she is standing strong with a serious face. I did not want to portray this in my images because that is not linked with the story. The story is written to inform people about how this girl has managed to become so famous. If I were to use a younger target audience for this magazine, I would have included description and possible interview to try and inspire younger girls into following in her footsteps. I have avoided doing this which represents the social groups that would be interested in reading this magazine.

I think that my media work shows a strong gender representation. Rather than having my model pose in a certain way to look submissive or promiscuous, I wanted her to look like an average girl would. She is wearing suitable clothing and has a simple smile on her face. This shows that women are not always used in magazines and images for a man to look at. This magazine represents and average 20 year old girl.

Gender stereotyping plays a big part within media, however I decided to make my model look average so that people who look at this magazine do need feel like they have to compare themselves. I did not want this magazine to be made in a certain way for male satisfaction. I also did not want it to be majorly feminist and for women to be independent and express themselves. I went with being natural and average to represent women who may compare themselves to others or feel like they have someone to impress.


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