My Magazine so far…

Front Cover

Here is the design of my front cover. There are still pictures to be added this is the layout of my front cover and how I have decided to make my front cover look. I have used winter colours purple, grey, white and blue. Billboard and Vibe are my inspirations for my front cover as they are aimed at a mature audience and the designs are simple. I have chosen a bold font  for the name of my magazine because I think it give off a professional impression, it stands out and makes the magazine look confident because they are proud to put there name in bold on the magazine that really stands out.

Contents page

This is my contents page. I have used the colour blue as I think this represents winter, as it is the colour that is based around cold and ice. The contrast of having black and blue on the contents page makes it less boring for the target audience and the contrast looks better rather than looking the same throughout.I have got the titles for each section of the magazine with the pages that have stories linked in. The layout that I have chosen is simple but very effective.

Double Page Spread

Lastly this is the layout for my double page. I have used the blue and purple as I this colours compliment one another. The left hand page had been left blank as this is where my main images are going in which I yet have to add. I have used two columns as I think that this looks more professional and neat, which means that this will appeal to my target audience as it looks very mature and my target audience is at a mature age.


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