Costume and Props

Summer Theme
For the summer theme magazine we are not fully decided on what we want the model to wear. We have a strong idea which is either a black two piece. This involves a black off the shoulders top that has a white flower pattern going across it. There is a matching skirt that goes with it which has the same pattern on it. The skin that will be on show in this outfit is the shoulders and top of the chest, a very minimal amount of stomach and the legs will also be on show. We decided that we would use this outfit as it is summery, however we are still indecisive as to whether it may look too provocative on the model. The other outfit that we had in mind was a simple pale pink dress that was short sleeved and cut off just before the knee. We are not sure however if this pay clash with the colours that we want to use, which is why we will take images in both outfits and make a final decision. The props that we want to use for this magazine are balloons, candy floss and lollipops. Due to us wanting to include a summer theme, we also decided that we would incorporate pieces of carnivals into it, as these are usually around in the summer time. The model has blonde hair and we have decided that we want to have her hair is a loose curly because this looks pretty and simple. We also decided that we want her make up to look natural but still stand out. We will have a smoky eye on her, and eyelashes that are fairly big, as this will make her eyes look bigger and bolder. In addition we want her to have pink cheeks from the blusher, and depending on what outfit she is wearing she will have either red or pink lips.

Here is a tutorial we watched on how to do smoky eye make up.


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