Costume + Props


The costume used was very simple in order attract as little attention as possible. Due to the documentary being about body image I decided to use the concept of what you perceive vs what is the reality, therefore I had to expose my models body during the photos to edit them appropriately for this theme.  The shorts and bandeau cover enough to make the image appropriate for viewing however expose the crucial parts of the body that would really emphasise the perception vs reality concept e.g. ribs, collar bones and hips bones.

The black colour is also very bland therefore not attracting the attention away from the images, this therefore allows the full effect of the images in the mirror to noticeably contrast the real life image.

There were very minimal props used in my ancillary tasks.  I used a  mirror during both pieces in order to again emphasise the ide of perception vs reality. In the Newspaper advertisement the mirror is used to show the image that the person would perceive of themselves when suffering with an eating disorder such as anorexia.  This was the only prop used within the ancillary products.


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