Completing The Newspaper Advertisement


After creating the draft copy of the newspaper advertisement, the first step I took to finalise the product was changing the layout. The reason for this was because in the draft copy, the IGNITE logo is at the top of the page and is quite small compared to the rest of the elements on the page; I moved the logo to the center of the page and made it a larger font – this allows it to stand out further on the page, making it more appealing.

I then changed the font of the slogan. The reason for this was because in the draft copy, the slogan’s font looks blurry and doesn’t stand out as well on the black background. The font I chose for the final product is much clearer and uses sharper, more appealing colours that stand out on the black background. I also included the launch date underneath the slogan which is the sole purpose of the advertisement. Furthermore, I also included icons for Facebook and Twitter which make the spread look more professional and gives the TV channel a wider social span.

Finally, I changed the images to our original images that we had planned to use on the advert – these images were taken from the trailer, making it more professional and consistent. I also changed the font of the picture captions and added a black background to them to allow the audience to see them clearly over the bright pictures. Furthermore, I edited the border to remove the blurry elements and make the overall product more professional.


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