Filming for Oakley Vale

As our group were heading towards a deadline, we decided that we would try and complete all of the filming for the final television programme on our website, with this being Oakley Vale. We decided that this should be the shortest of the advertisements, as this would allow us to place an emphasis on the importance of this show still, but by packing a storyline into a shorter amount of time. The ultimate purpose of this is to subsequently entice the audience by giving them a number of conclusions to come to when watching the advert, by showing them a range of different information in a short period of time – hence creating suspense to be replete within the trailer. We wish to adhere to Barthes’ hermeneutic code, as we build the tension up throughout the entirety of the advert, though we leave the audience guessing what will happen next, as this will entice them towards the show.

Here is a selection of shots that we got from the filming:

soapopera1 soapopera2 soapopera3 soapopera4


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