Completing Draft of Website

Above is a SlideShare that contains images of all of my draft pages for the website. The website has three different pages, though when news stories are clicked, it takes the audience to a brand new page. A fire border is used on the website and this is because it not only relates semantically to the name of the brand that we have created, but also due to the fact that it is consistent with our other products – and therefore creates a cohesive marketing campaign. We have only filmed 2 of the 3 flagship shows so far for our entire brand identity, meaning that I was unable to use images for the soap opera – as we have not yet filmed them – though this is not a fundamental issue because I will have the required images for the final product. In order to improve upon the draft, we will use audience feedback, which we aim to receive by posting the product online, along with emailing people that will be within our target audience, so that we can see how they react to the product that we have created.


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