Completing the filming for #CorbyLife

After the first stage of filming, we were sure that we did not have a multitude of shots left to film – meaning that we could complete the filming for the reality television show. However, after looking at the footage that we did gain, we decided that we would have to make adjustments to our original plan and also re-shoot a selection of our shots that were not of a high quality. Originally, we had intended to end the advertisement of #CorbyLife with the predominant female character having a physical confrontation with the main male character within the show – though we decided to alter this when it came to finally filming our trailer. Instead of the female character arguing with the main character of the show, of which I acted myself, we chose a fellow male character to have a physical confrontation – as we believed that we could display Todorov’s narrative theory of disequilibrium by connoting the male characters to have a sheer misbalance between them.

Here are a selection of the final shots that we were able to film for our reality television show:

martin1 martin2 martin3


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