Final Ancillary Product Process

After creating the draft copy of the double page spread, the first step I took to finalise the product was changing the font of the slogan. The reason for this was because in the draft copy, the slogan’s font looks blurry and doesn’t stand out as well on the black background. The font I chose for the final product is much clearer and uses sharper, more appealing colours that stand out on the black background.


I then edited the article to make it relevant to the changes we made based on the website – this included the launch date, the programmes we decided to include in the trailer and the channel it would launch on. The reason for this was to ensure all the products were consistent throughout. Also I ensured that the article was professional and used conventions of real magazine articles for TV channels. We also changed all of the programme names to bold to ensure they stood out to the audience.


I changed the dummy pictures to the pictures we took specifically for the double page spread. These images show the programmes the channel is showing. The pictures are different on each product but focus around the same channel to differentiate but at the same time stay consistent. I also changed the border colours using the ‘sample fill colour’ tool to make certain that the colours were consistent on the page.

4 (2)

I then added picture captions which are a convention of any double page spread. I made sure that the colour and the font stayed consistent to the rest of the page as well as the other products. I also included icons for Facebook and Twitter which make the spread look more professional and gives the TV channel a wider social span.


7Finally, I edited the border to remove the pixelated areas of the image making the page look more professional overall. I also changed the colour of the border to make it darker, making it more visually appealing on the page and allowing the rest of the content to stand out further. I also changed the page numbers to white for them to stand out over the border.



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