First stage of filming #CorbyLife

After completing the documentary video and uploading it to YouTube, we decided that the next part of the creation of the website would be to film the reality television show, which we called #CorbyLife. We were able to get a significant amount of filming done today, though it was a lot harder to organise the entire list of people to come for the filming, because of the fact that we were doing it outside of school hours. Firstly, we decided that we should get the shots of driving first, because this may require several takes and so we wanted to complete this to a high standard as soon as possible.

mollyincarMolly welcometocorby

Next, we wanted to show the other section of the advertisement for the programme, with this involving the antithesis of Molly’s character – as we were contrasting the male and female character due to the relationship. We were able to film the scenes with the male characters, which was extremely useful because it meant that we had the clear idea of how to contrast the predominant characters.

Here are a selection of the shots that we were able to film with the male characters:

hardman madeincorby madmichael


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