Ancillary Product – Draft

Newspaper Advertisement Draft


Above is my draft of the newspaper advertisement which I will use to create my final product. Just like the double page spread and website, I have included an identical logo at the top of the page, which stands out clearly. The colour of the logo fits with the house style and is consistent throughout all 3 tasks, newspaper advertisement, website and double page spread. I have used temporary images on my draft until we shoot our own relevant images, to include. I will use hot, fierce colours for the text to make it stand out; it also blends in with the hot flames around the edge. I will also include a dark background as it makes the colours more vibrant and eye catching. I have titled the images with the name of the show, to let the readers understand about each programme. I will develop my ancillary product when I complete my final product. I will ensure to use the same layout as shown in the image above and continue to use the consistent house colours.


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