pre cover

This is my final preliminary front cover task. I have used an image of a student working to show students that it is all about learning. I have Made the front cover basic for younger and older years at school so it appeals to all ages. I decided to put the preparation for summer cup into a trophy as this links with the story and we are previous winners of the summer cup. I have used basic colours with the font as it was hard to see any darker colours because of the image and thought that white would be more noticeable, stand out and match in with the Lodge Park colour scheme as there is already blue in the image so all links together well.

pre contents

This is my Contents page for my preliminary task. Again my contents page in plain and does not have a lot of colour to it as it has to appeal to all to all age groups in school. I have used this image because it is to do with the biggest story that is in the magazine and the biggest event that has happened during the school week. I added the Lodge Park logo in because the magazine is about the school and it represents the school.


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